anonymous said:

GOM + Takao + Hanamiya as parents trolling their kids

KUROKO: He uses his lack of presence to photobomb his kids pictures, often wearing a scary mask. 

KISE: Favourite thing is to copy his kid’s profile picture (and have all his/hers friends added). 

AOMINE: He’s the type to remember all those stories right when his kid’s friends come to visit them. 

MIDORIMA: He buys the most awkward sweater for his kid and forces him to wear it during family gatherings. 

TAKAO: He always carries his kids’ ‘get along’ t-shirt and makes them wear it in a mall if they’re fighting. 

MURASAKIBARA: He buys childish, really embarrassing lunch box and makes sure his kid always takes it. 

AKASHI: He hides a new iPhone inside a deep-dish pan, wraps it up and awaits the initial reaction— followed by happy surprise, he’s sure.

HANAMIYA: He uses embarrassing pictures of his kid, when he grows up, as blackmail or puts them on Facebook.