I think both Jessica and SNSD are fine.She wanted to leave anyway soon and the big regret is that it didn’t happen in a nice way .But I really think SM or girls themselves should really stop acting like they got hit by this cause clearly they didn’t and it’s ok,they are in their mid 20’ and in their 8 years of carear .I wish they stop fake tearing and act emotional during Jessica’s parts.

Korean Word of the Day

소리 = sound, voice

  • 소리나다 = make a sound
  • 빗소리 = sound of rain
  • 찻소리 = sound of cars
  • 새소리 = birdcall
  • 말소리 = voice, sound of talking
  • 목소리 = voice
  • 큰소리치다 = to yell, to make big talk
  • 소리지르다 = yell, shout
  • 별소리 = absurd remark

사진: High Museum of Art, Atlanta

Seoul Searching

 is an ’80s movie. Plain and simple. There’s a jock, a kind of preppy girl, a misunderstood punk, a tomboy who gets a makeover. (Though it kind of flips the script on that last one.) It’s even got binge-drinking and kids who fight with their dads. The only difference is, it’s not part of your John Hughes binge-watch weekend, but is showing at a film festival in 2015—and it takes place not in suburban Chicago, but in a camp in South Korea for kids whose families left the country after the Korean War.


FIKA (Garosugil). 

A Swedish-style coffee shop on Garosugil (turn right from H&M, and then another right at the intersection) that I ventured into recently because it’s one of the closest things to anything Finnish you can get here (though I recently discovered Moomin pens!). Had a latte, a plain selma (they were all out of the ones with almond - everyone should try the one with almond, though, that is the BEST!), and a lingonberry and grilled cheese toast. Didn’t try the cakes this time, but they have a big selection of them and every single one looks to die for!