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Sword of Henry IV of France

Editor’s Note: Text below translated from the original French text by Google Translate.

Golden Age of astrology, the Renaissance sees widespread establishment of horoscopes. The sword probably given to Henry IV (1553-1610) by the City of Paris on the occasion of his marriage to Marie de Medici (1573-1642) December 13, 1600, results from this mode and thus provides a very neat decoration mixing the 12 zodiac signs with inscriptions written in honor of the King of France and Navarre.

Made of burnished steel, gold and inlaid, the sword, the horse has the characteristics of the French production of luxury at the time, is dotted with mother of pearl medallions. Custody and above the blade, welcome inscriptions recalling the senior warriors facts and virtues of the king, which confines this weapon to a strict ceremonial role.

Custody stand including the initial letter of the first name Henry, the lilies surmounted by the Royal Crown (picture 2), the collar of the Order of the Holy Spirit and the combined arms of France and the Medici. On the blade runs a garland of 12 medallions, each corresponding to a zodiac sign; they are also associated with the highlights.

Thus, for Taurus is mentioned reconciliation of Henry IV in 1589 with Henry III (3 visual), while Aries reminds the surrender of Paris in 1594 (video 4).
Note that the sword without scabbard, was completed with a dagger in his left hand - now in the Wallace Collection in London - to form the pair of arms.

Date: 1600

Author: Goldsmiths and Parisian burnishers (?)

Materials: Steel, pearl and gold

Techniques: Damasquine, gilding, blackened overlay

Place of creation: Paris, France

1.14 m

0.18 m

Weight: 1.25 kg

Inventory No: J 380

Background: Perhaps offered to King Henry IV by the city of Paris on the occasion of his marriage to Marie de Medici 13 December 1600. Presented at the Museum of Sovereigns from 1852 and donated to the Artillery Museum 29 June 1872.
Location in the museum (name room, No. showcase): Former Department, Royal Hall - 37-06 showcase

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