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secretallie asked:

Listen, Elementary is both an apology & a reward for every tv watcher with a brain, okay? It's the universe saying, here is something good for you, for all the times you stuck with shows with inconsistent characterizations & lazy storytelling, here is a wonderful thing with characters that you can root for unreservedly not because they're perfect but because they're GROWING. You've been treated like a moron by shows before, but here is Elementary, because you deserve nice things & had faith.

I’m publishing this wonderful thing because I am adrift on a sea of Emotions about Elementary and can’t give it the coherent response it deserves. 


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Welcome to the Baker Street Babes Podcast, Episode #61!

Join Babes Liz and Lyndsay as they interview Adam Christopher, the author of a new series of Elementary show tie-in novels.  A longtime lover of New York and a passionate fan of Elementary, Adam is also an acclaimed comic writer, winner of the Sir Julius Vogel Award as an editor (New Zealand’s highest science fiction honor), and SciFiNow’s Book of the Year Winner for Empire State.

Adam (as you will hear) is also a longtime lover of the canonical Holmes, Dr. Who, and many other fannish pursuits that make him the perfect choice to provide us with fabulous spin-off Elementary adventures.  We’ll chat about all these things, ask whether Holmes qualifies as a superhero, and discuss the Joan-Sherlock relationship and its importance to his new series.

To read an excerpt of The Ghost Line, the first in Adam’s collection and recently released in the US both physically and electronically via these websites, visit CriminalElement before (or after!) listening.

We’re giving away two copies of The Ghost Line, find out how to win [HERE]!

danseurofelsa asked:

It's fine. So uhh again. Moriarty finds Kitty instead of Sherlock and trains and helps her instead. In her own fashion.

Sorry about the lateness, I was working on another prompt and got lost a little. I needed some fresh inspiration, so I used yours as my source. It’s a short, but I hope the characterization is as powerful as I hope it sounds.


An English summer was a fresh change of pace for Moriarty; she took her seat outside of the french patisserie, enjoying the cool breeze that accompanied the warm embrace of clouded sunshine. She took in a breath, consuming the scents of her cappuccino and jam croissant.

A moment later, she felt a shadow fall briefly over her shoulders, then caught the presence of a young woman as she took the seat opposite the small table. “I hope you don’t mind” she offered as greeting, folding up the newspaper she had been scouring for news, and adjusting her sunglasses so she could see her young apprentice over the rim, “I ordered you a french omelette - it’s truly delightful, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

She just shrugged absently, her eyes following a dull grey Maserati as it flew down the street. “Come on Kitty, smile. It’s a beautiful day” Jamie chimed in, readjusting her glasses and raising her face so she could soak in the rays.

"I thought you were teaching me something… "more fulfilling" today" Kitty replied, rising her hands to make the appropriate air quotations with her fingers.

"I am."

Kitty grumbled, folding her arms over her chest and leaning back in her chair. “How is sitting outside a cafe and drinking lattes gonna teach me how to kill that son-of-a-bitch?!” she barked back.

Jamie ignored her student’s attitude, eyeing her posture through her shades with a stare of disapproval, before finally flinging her hand out. “Page 5” was all Jamie instructed, as Kitty took the outstretched paper.

Turning to the page, she found the article - how could she miss it, when his atrocious face adorned its ugly-painted words? - and read it. A newly-found smile was rising to her features as she took in the information, and when she was done, she neatly folded the paper back over, placing it gently on the edge of the table. “A ball?”

"A charity ball" Jamie corrected, "for one of his many charitable contributions."

"And how do we get ourselves invited to this charity ball?"

Jamie lightly chuckled, reaching her hand into a diamond-studded clasp and pulling out two white envelopes, sealed with golden stamps. “No worries there my dear; I myself have made multiple contributions to the same board, and was honorably invited to attend - with a guest of my choosing, of course.”

Kitty beamed, as the woman handed her one of the invitations. She held it in her hands, admiring its hefty weight and perfect calligraphy. “Now all I need is something to wear.”