jackiela said: pretty sure is fake

fluffyjaebabo said: it is fake xD its rly obvious,dont u think xD

jaejaerica said: Yes unnie it was fake~ it was confirmed by the person who posted it so don’t worry ^^

daeyoonie said: it’s completely fake dearest mae ^^ i checked for you and there’s no such thing anywhere on his feed

ahh, thank you guys so much ^^ I was kinda worried for a second OTL *huggles all of you*

daeyoonie said:

top five favorite non-kpop songs~

Oh man this is quite hard I have a lot of favorites.

  1. Little things by One Direction
  2. Stuck by Big Time Rush
  3. Angel with a shotgun by The Cab
  4. Hold on by David Archuleta
  5. Hey Asshole by George Watsky

daeyoonie said:

i followed you because you are the sweetest sweetheart and i love the way you love dae and golly you're just so wonderful~ ヾ(´∇`)ノ~♥

aislinn~~~~!! ♥ aren’t you just the cutest, i can srsly just cuddle you! thank you ^___^ and oh man, your love for dae is just asfskdjgkjb! he’s so lucky to be loved by you! ♥

anonymous said:

♥ yngguks, jelliedae, daeyoonie

yngguks KAY she is so pretty how to be pretty HOW she is so funny omg and i love her for filling my dash with bap and bangtan and even though we don’t talk as often as we should i feel close with her? idk lolol

jelliedae her theme is soo cute omg look at himchan just chillin on the links with his tea~ all of her edits are perf wowowow

daeyoonie ah i really like her name ^^ her gifs are really nice her whole blog is nice so nice

@daeyoonie said: bwvnjdsckl hi baby!!! welcome back!!! i’ve missed you ;u; it hasn’t been the same without you being a little spot of sunshine over here ;u;*huuuugs* i hope you’re doing well ♥

shiz I’m still trying to figure out how to reply to replies > n < aww really? you’re too sweet >/////< ♥ thank you! I hope you’re doing well too c: