someone please help me, i am freaking the fuck out

i was supposed to get my period yesterday and i havent gotten it yet, or even any sign of it (darker discharge, cramps) but i have had symptoms of pms for the past two weeks (swollen and aching breasts, crankiness, lots of crying). 

i had sex 8 days ago for the first time in like a month and this is the first period ive ever been “late” for, at least that i can remember, and i take birth control at the same time every night, and i used a condom that didnt have holes and it didnt break. i mean i’ve been under a lot of stress lately bc the housing commission threatened to evict my family and its my senior year and whatnot but like idk, my biggest fear is getting pregnant and i really dont want to be. its freaking me out.

i know im probably not pregnant but the fact that i havent gotten my period is scaring me to the point where i want to cry.