Oh dear.

I’m a Sherlock fan. Also a BC fan. I try to see his work at a theatre near me and if I like it I’ll even buy the DVD. My tumblr is Sherlock and BC centric. I enjoy and re-blog (mostly) pictures, interviews and stuff. I do all this quietly, here in my little corner, and neither the Sherlock creators nor BC do know that I exist. Which is exactly how I like it. I suppose most people on tumblr are very much like that.

Am I a ‘proud’ fan? No, can’t say that I am. Why not? Because of things like this:



THIS is how we come across to other people. Is it really a wonder that articles paint us as crazy and obsessed? That the word fangirl has a bad taste for others? I don’t think we know even one tenth of what not only BC/the Sherlock team/celebs in general experience with their so called fans.

And I don’t want anything to do with any of it. That’s why I don’t feel outraged when there’s another article/interview/pic showing fandom in a negative light. The crazy is out there. And it is loud.