Atmospheric Black Carbon Density

Black carbon (BC), or soot, is formed from the burning of fossil fuels and biomass and lingers in the atmosphere for days or weeks before being deposited on the land or ocean. Unlike carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses, which can survive in the atmosphere for decades and centuries, black carbon has a relatively short life span. BC is part of a group of pollution sources known as Short-Lived Climate Forcers (SLCFs), including methane gas and tropospheric ozone, which are produced on earth and are potent global warmers.

BC absorbs sunlight at all wavelengths and re-emits the energy as heat, causing a range of climate impacts, including increased temperatures and accelerated ice and snow melt. The data visualization above, based on data from NASA’s Goddard Chemistry Aerosol and Transport (GOCART) model, simulates the atmospheric concentration of black carbon between August and November of 2009. Note the production of black carbon from industrialization in China and biomass burning in Africa, as well as the movement of black carbon across the oceans of the world.

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Credit: Horace Mitchell (NASA/GSFC)

Today in Canada Is Adorable And I’m Glad I Live Here news, a BC Hydro crew moved a 300-pound osprey nest (click) - which the silly birds had built on top of a power pole, putting it in danger of catching fire or causing a power outage - to a platform they had built specially for that purpose.

Ospreys are a protected species in BC, and they really like building on the tops of very tall things like power poles, which means this is something that Hydro does habitually. BC Hydro has, like, an Osprey Nest Relocation Platform Department. The best part IMHO is how the new spot is now the highest spot in the area and better than the old one. It’s like they went on vacation while the contractors finished the remodel.

JUST sent the playlist we all made on

wikianonbcsh to her! Watch for her to post it, its glorious! I even added a few songs, like, Richard Gere’s ‘Razzle Dazzle’ from the film version of ‘Chicago’ and “#Selfie” by The Chainsmokers because of BC’s comments about selfies.

You all are gonna love it!