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gom's reaction when their parents/siblings show their girlfriends their embarrassing childhood photos

KUROKO: This isn’t the first time it’s happened and by now, Kuroko knows he can’t stop an overly-excited parent from thoroughly embarrassing him. However, it seems his girlfriend finds his younger self utterly adorable.

KISE: “Aww, look at you!” She keeps teasing him about his younger self’s fashion sense and it makes him pout. He tries to wrestle the photo album out of her hands. “____cchi, don’t be meannn…!” He cries.

AOMINE: He makes a grumpy face when she glances from him to his childhood photos. “But Daiki… you were so cute. What happened?” She asks and laughs as he tries to get a hold of her for those comments.

MIDORIMA: Midorima wishes she’d stop looking, but her happy expression prevents him from speaking out and killing the mood. “Wow, you even had a basketball as a kid.” She points out, making him smile softly.

MURASAKIBARA: Silently brooding, he popped snacks into his mouth while watching her pour over his pics. “Even Mukkun was this small, see?” She says. He only let this continue because her expressions were too cute.

AKASHI: He doesn’t seem embarrassed, even by the naked baby photos, and she’s a bit annoyed. “It’s not fair, you’re supposed to get all flustered! I wanna see Seijurou flustered!” She complains and he can only smirk.

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How would the GOM + Kagami + Takao + Nijimura react of you showed up at their house at an ungodly time of the night crying??? (I love love love the blog by the way!!!)

thank you!!

Kuroko: He’s tired and feeling a bit disoriented, but he’s more focused on figuring out what made you so upset and resolving the issue as quickly as possible. “Are you alright? Please, come inside and talk to me.”

Kagami: “W-Whoa, hey!” All he did was ask you what was wrong, and you started crying harder! But he was determined to figure out the problem. “Come on now…get inside, alright? I’ll make you something…”

Kise: He already has his arms around you and is rubbing your back comfortingly. “Shh, it’s okay [Name]cchi…Let’s go to my room and sort things out there.” Seeing you so upset was making him upset, too.

Midorima: He’s a bit cranky from being woken up, but he knows that you wouldn’t just show up on his doorstep for a petty reason. “You know you can talk to me about anything. Get inside before you catch a cold, idiot.”

Aomine: “Ah, geez…” Honestly, he wasn’t too good with comforting others, but that didn’t mean he was just gonna leave you there. “Hey, hey, hey…calm down, alright? We can talk inside where it’s warm.”

Murasakibara: He’d normally feel angry about losing precious sleep, but seeing the tears running down your face made him feel guilty…and angry. “What happened, [Name]-chin? Who did this?” He looked menacing. 

Akashi: Akashi is already wiping away your tears with a handkerchief and ushering you inside his house. You were given the best of treatment, because, of course, he cared about you. “[Name], tell me what’s wrong.”

Takao: “Poor [Name]-chan…” Takao mutters as he pulls you into a tight hug. Seeing you like that always brought his his softer side. “Let’s go inside, yeah? We can talk about whatever you want in there.”

Nijimura: He wanted to be angry (and at first, he was), but seeing his partner with tear-stained cheeks made him feel incredibly guilty. “What the hell happened? Is someone bothering you? Come inside, quickly.”