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How would the GOM react to seeing a girl from their childhood who they saw as a little sister entering into high school and she told them “I worked really hard to enter the same high school as you”, plus she’s become very cute.

KUROKO: He’s very flattered that she came all this way for him, even though she could probably do better than Seirin. “I’m glad you’re here.” He tells her, but to be honest, he’ll be keeping an eye on her because she’s become an attractive young lady and high school boys can be beasts.

KISE: He doesn’t recognize her at all, thinking at first she’s another cute fan of his. “Oh…ooooh! You’re ____cchi!” He immediately picks her up and twirls her around like he used to in their childhood. But from then on, he’s careful not to attract too much attention to her from his fangirls…

AOMINE: He looks her up and down, wondering how her body changed so much in a few years. He totally expects to be hit for doing this, but instead she smiles devilishly at him. “Haha, I’ve become quite a catch, no?” She teases, walking up to him. “Well too bad, Ahomine. You’ll have to win me over!”

MIDORIMA: He simply sighs, giving her a look of exasperation. She quietly fumes, musing out loud at how his reaction to her is the same as always. “Ahh, and after all I’ve done to make myself cute for you…” She says, and Midorima’s face shoots up in confusion. She was trying to impress him…?!

MURASAKIBARA: Immediately, Mura treats her differently from his other classmates. He clearly liked her during their childhood, and now her cuteness made her irresistible to him. “Hey, does your mom still bake those cookies? Can I go over?” He asks, and she giggles at how clingy he now is towards her.

AKASHI: It takes a bit of time for them to get used to each other again, but once that happens, they’re like best friends again. “I remember that time at the lake— I couldn’t believe you, Sei-kun!” She’s laughing and it’s music to Akashi’s ears. He knows that no matter what, she’d always be by his side.

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Can I request Sakurai's reaction to his crush confessing to him? (Bonus if Too's basketball team are secretly watching from somewhere)

"Satsuki, are you sure about this?"

"Dai-chan, have I ever been wrong about things before?"

He could only answer with silence, because, well, she never has been wrong. Aomine had to put his trust in Momoi, who supposedly knew all about Sakurai’s crush on another first year at Touou.

And this same crush was going to confess to him.

It had started off with just Aomine and Momoi just outside of Touou’s gym, but then Imayoshi had come out looking for them, so they had to drag him into it, too.

"Oi, oi. Why am I here? I refuse to be an accomplice for your crimes."

"Crimes? We’re just making sure that Ryou’s okay."

"No, you just don’t want him to make bento for anyone else, because then he’ll start eating with whoever that is and you won’t be able to steal his."

Again, Aomine was silent. Imayoshi did have a point.

Momoi waved her arm for silence. Sakurai’s crush was approaching the gym, and she really didn’t want them to ruin this.

"Is Sakurai-kun in here?"

Susa turned back towards the gym’s interior. “Sakurai, someone’s here for you.”

"A-Ah! I’m s-sorry, I’ll be right back!"

The other three were too far to hear anything, but Sakurai looked surprised and apologetic (not much of a surprise).

"Why are you all hiding back here?!"

Trust Wakamatsu to come shouting at full speed. He was about to launch off into some terrible babble of incoherent words but Imayoshi punched him just before he could say anything. He dropped like a brick.

"Sorry, sorry."

They all turned back to Sakurai, whose expression had changed to one of delight. 

He was definitely an apologetic mushroom, but he was part of Touou, and Touou sticks together, no matter what their play suggests.

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kise, aomine, akashi, hanamiya and their reaction when their crush asks them if they like kisses and if they would like one. when the crush is talking about "kisses", they were actually talking about the chocolates (hershey's kisses) so they just give them that instead of an actual kiss

ahaha this is so funny ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ but aww poor bbys they just wanted a kiss <3 

Kise: "A kiss?" he asked, his eyes brightening. "Really? Really?" They watched as he quickly turned to apply some chap stick. When he turned back, they had their hand outstretched, a familiar silver chocolate in their palm. Kise’s face automatically showed disappointment as he reached out for the chocolate. "Thanks," he said, trying to hide his emptiness of kisses. "Did you want two?" they teased. 

Aomine: "Heh, since you asked," he grinned, moving towards them, only to have a chocolate shoved into his mouth. "You idiot, I meant a Hershey’s Kiss," they said, laughing. "Whatever," he replied, annoyed. "I lost to a stupid piece of chocolate," he muttered to himself.

Akashi: "Oh? You’re being quite bold today," he said, smiling at them. "I would like two in fact." They promptly handed him two Hershey’s Kisses, trying to keep a straight face. "Thank you," he replied, without breaking the smile he had put on. "One to eat now, one for later." Their partner was disappointed at his lack of reaction, but little did they know, Akashi was disappointed in himself for falling for it. 

Hanamiya: "I thought you’d never ask," he smirked, leaning towards them. They quickly stopped him with a hand and held out a handful of the chocolates. "Did you think that would stop me?" He continued to move towards them and gave them a passionate kiss. 

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Your answers are really spot-on!! I love your blog :) Gom+Kagami and their s/o shyly begging them not to go into the zone when they do the do cus she's scared?

Thank you, I am doing my best ^^

Just a reminder though… Since there isn’t written or approved of Kuroko and Midorima being in the zone I left them out. I don’t think it would be any good scenario if I wrote it, but if you still want it, message me…

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when there's only 2 seconds left in a knb game
  • kagami:*throws to kuroko*
  • kuroko:*dissapears*
  • kagami:*manages to run across the court in two fuckin seconds*
  • kuroko:KAGAMI-KUN
  • GoM:yooooo
  • touou:yoooooo???!???
  • seirin:YOOOOOOOO