How to Cover Dark Circles / Using a Corrector 101

A corrector is the best item to use to cover dark circles! If you use a concealer it will help cover but a corrector will cancel out the discoloration. Then you can apply a concealer/foundation over it and it will actually cover the darkness. There are 3 different colors one can use depending on the discoloration. 

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NYC producer Taylor Wise sure seems to be a busy bee lately. Not only did he just debut his new electropop project Streakers, with singer songwriter Larcy, but he’s back again a week later with a new remix. For his latest, he’s edited a song I’m quiet fond of, Los Angeles indie pop band Walla’s new single 101. Not only is the original an infectious and bright treat, but I traverse the 101 every day, so it kind of hits close to home. Taylor gives the song an indei electronic makeover that takes it into indie dance and melodic house territory. It begs to be blasted out open windows on a sunny California day while I’m coasting the 101. I’m pretty sure I’ll be smiling like a carefree fool when I do that, thanks to the feel good vibes on this remix.


Starting weight: 285lbs
Current weight: 160lbs
Height: 5’9
Age: 19

This was all done with diet and exercise! My diet consists of mostly fruit, veggies and lean meats like fish and grilled chicken. I don’t eat dairy except for occasional Greek yogurt, instead I use almond milk. I also cut out carbs like white bread and pasta. I still have occasional wheat bread and I loooove making protein smoothies! As for exercise I didn’t start out doing more then half an hour of cardio but now I like to run about an hour a day and I do daily weight training at the gym as well! My current goal is to gain muscle mass and get super fit!