Ok so alot of my friends at home have been asking to borrow some old video games of mine lately, so even though I have like 12 followers lol, id like to try and see if anyone of my friends on here or anyone at all wants to join in and be part of my project Christmas4Friends. I have a ton of crappy old xbox 360, some playstation 3 and gameboy,and gameboy advance games, also I have a gameboy advance, and a gameboy sp that im willing to give away, and I am hoping that this will go towards more of the people who arent getting alot of gifts for christmas or if you know of a family or someone whos going through a rough time who cant afford really expensive things or any thing at all and they need some kind of gift for their kids or family in general. So im gonna make another post later thats more organized and detailed, with more specificity, but for now think of anyone in need and ill post pics and write a list later on that better post so until I organize this just get ready for it I guess. Thankyou if ya read this lol