On Wednesday November 28th, Bill C-398 to amend Canada’s broken Access to Medicine Regime was lost by 7 votes, including some of the government MP who had promised to vote for it.

22 million people around the world lack access to essential medicines, many which already exist. And 10 million people die annually as a result. 

Only one license has ever been issued for generic HIV drugs by a Canadian drug manufacturer under CAMR, who stated that it does not intend to ever do so as the current CAMR imposes too much bureaucratic and economic obstacles to use. Fewer than 1/2 of the people that need AIDs drugs in developing countries can get access to them, and generic medicines provide an effective method to reduce the price of these drugs.

In honor of World’s AIDs Day on Dec. 1st, in honor of all the NGOs and all the advocates across the nation that have worked so hard for this campaign, I hope you’ll join me in signing this online petition (http://www.medicinesforall.ca/). To stand in solidarity expressing the disappointment and frustration regarding the actions of our own government. Because CAMR affects the lives of millions of people and their ability to access essential drugs. Because this issue will only end, if we let it.

And even if our own government MPs don’t care, our community cares. Médecins Sans Frontières cares. I care.