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My dad majored in psychology and became a lawyer…so is it bad that I have law school as a back up plan?

Not at all! I don’t know what you’re studying, but you can apply practically any field of study to law. You don’t even have to continue your undergrad study. Like, how in the hell could I really apply an English degree to the study of law? I’d have to become a law professor, probably. However, if you study a science, like Biology, then you could study medical law or something. A recent graduate from my college is going to Harvard after double-majoring in English and Dance and minoring in Creative Writing. I think she’s going to focus her studies in Communications or the Media or something like that. I don’t recall.

But anyway, law school is an excellent backup plan. Just don’t let it be your backup going into your third year of undergrad study. You should have a more solid idea of what you want to do/where you want to go by then in case you feel the need to round out your course work or narrow and focus on certain subjects.