It’s been two years Rosie, and we miss you more than ever. I’m so sorry I haven’t thought about you today until now oh god I feel awful. I love you Rosie, forever and always. Your death will continue to haunt us all but I get why you had to. My darling. I am so sorry. You will be forever in our hearts. Sleep well, see you on the other side where we never say goodbye.

just reminded that its been one month since rosie died aw rosie i loved you so much okay you were my best friend and i know you were hurting so much okay and i know you have enough and even though people loved you it hurt so much that you couldnt be alive for them i get it i still miss you and dont think anyone forgot about you because we still remember you omg you sweet angel im gonna take you i know you wont see this but i dont know i hope theres internet wherever you are