A lot of people are asking themselves what this Cup will be like. We going to tell you what it won’t be like: It won’t only be the vuvuzela, the psychic, the celebrity, the pretty girl, the players of the flashy hairstyle Cup. Or who got a ticket, or the winners or losers, or the handsome player’s Cup. That would fall short, very short, for a country that has so much to offer. Because Brazil isn’t a country, it’s a melting pot, and here, there’s always room for one more! Which is why, here, we’ll make it the World’s Cup, made by everyone. And when we say everyone, we mean everyone! A Cup in a country that always has open arms, and one thing is true: where there’s room for one more, there’s room for 200 million. Because Brazil is everyone’s country and because football is everyone’s sport. Together, we will make the 2014 FIFA World Cup into the World’s Cup.  (x)