Iplehouse BID Vampires, Order Period: Nov 20 to Dec 31

Iple continues their “The Addiction” series with these three BID sculpts, all originally part of the Elemental Guardians series (Elin is also available, but is a “standard” sculpt).

each sculpt comes w/choice of gender presentation and optional fantasy parts, available in 6 different skin tones/resin colors and with choice of four available LE outfits.

there is also a choice to select a doll with ONLY the ‘fantasy’ head (no ‘human’ head), if your little demon likes to always show their fangs.  ;o)

Be Inspired byuri

If you don’t already know, I got another great opportunity to work with Fresh Traditions again to show case my “Resurrection” line this fall. Like their Facebook: Fresh Traditions Fashion Show
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"Resurrection" is a modern, high end couture clothing line. My craftsmanship will be represented through the construction and carefully laid out detail of each garment. Every piece will have it’s own unique personality with influences of traditional Hmong clothes. Our needle artwork is one of the oldest and finest form of artistic expression, why not revive it?

Please like, share and follow me on my journey. As I work on “Resurrection”, I will give sneak peeks and hand made gift items to freshen up your wardrobe before the show!

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