B28 WANTS TO CAST YOU (this weekend)! #castings #DC

B28 wants YOU to be in a webcast!


A Washington, DC area publication is beginning a sweet new series on GIVING BACK.

To help, B28 is looking for a few good volunteers in the Washington, DC area to donate their time and energy to the cause of webcasting.

The 3-minute web spoof is called “Give More You.”

We’re looking to cast the positions you see below this Sunday, January 15th.

Give More You" is a 3-minute webcast about 2 would-be volunteers that want to give back to Generic Cause, but only find trendy, less personal ways to be of service.

Male / 18-30 Years / African American
HOWARD is an extremely tech savvy IT professional. Enjoys using this knowledge to create solutions for disaster relief efforts.

Female / 18-30 Years / African American
VICTORIA is very personal. Enjoys working with people, delivering goods and services directly

Either Gender / Any Years / Any Ethnicity
ORGANIZER is very committed to Generic Cause. They, however, would not risk the safety of volunteers to go on-site with affected populations.

Either Gender / Any Years / Any Ethnicity
3 TEXTER/FACEBOOKER/TWITTERers who are mindlessly updating via these means about Generic Cause.

Either Gender / Any Years / Any Ethnicity
1-2 EXTRA VOLUNTEERS to mist, towel, offer refreshments to the social media volunteers.

If interested, please e-mail JT@BYTWENTY8.com with your name, contact information, location and briefly express your interest in participating OR fill out the form below. 

Thanks in advance! I’m way too excited to work with you!

#WWED: 5 Screenplay Contests to Watch + 5 Screenwriter Resources to Check Often, #B28WriterWednesdays

You’ve been writing, and writing, and writing… Now it’s time to earn some benefits for all that labor! Here are 5 screenplay competitions B28 has its eye on and 5 more resources that you should visit often for the newest opps in screenplay duels nationwide.

1. Canadian Short Screenplay Competition
final deadline: 12/31
late deadline: 1/31
fee: $55; $75
award: $1500 + purchase agreement
FMI: http://bit.ly/d3xXOr

 2. The Movie Poet
final deadline: 1/31
fee: free!
award: writer feedback; web promotion
FMI: http://bit.ly/tbY600

3. L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival + Movie Magic Screenwriter Screenplay competition
final deadline: 1/10
fee: $75 (80-130 pg screenplay or half-hour pilot)
award: $2500 + VIP passes to L.A. Comedy FF + Mosaic Media Group mtg + 10 free script pitches
FMI: http://bit.ly/uuwBTL 

4. CineStory Screenwriting Awards contest
Regular deadline: 1/15
Fee: $55
Award: $5000 + 12 month fellowship + CineStory Writers’ Retreat
FMI: http://bit.ly/vSzcfR

5. 2012 Page International Screenwriting Awards
Early entry: 1/15
Fee: $39
Award: $25,000 + promo svcs
FMI: http://bit.ly/fb4LFI

More Competitive Greatness
under construction.

In the eminent words of Dr. Frankenstein: “SHE’S ALIVE!!!”

Ok, not exactly Mary Shelley’s words, but we are indeed closing in on the revival of bytwenty8, replete with all the wonderment suggested in the subtitles.

Stay tuned for the relaunch. Until then, keep posted for updates on pending madness via @bytwenty8 over on yer Twitter.

 From top-left, this is how you should get down this week in the DC area! (Don’t you wish you lived here? Oh, and don’t be skerred. What else is going on?)


WPFS presents: The Punk Rock Movie (1978) @ McFadden’s
WHEN: Monday, 12/19
WHERE: McFadden’s, 2401 Pennsylvania ave., NW, Washington, DC
FMI: http://www.mcfaddensdc.com/
donations accepted


BloomScreen: ‘Food Matters’
WHEN: Tuesday, 12/20 @ 7P
WHERE: BloomBars, 3222 11th St., NW, WDC 20010
FMI: http://bit.ly/vtr6DP
donations accepted


Landmark screens at Lincoln Theatre: ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’
WHEN:Beginning Wednesday, 12/21
WHERE: Lincoln Theatre, 1215 U St., NW, WDC 20009 
FMI: http://bit.ly/EKtX6
ticketed event

Screening ‘Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone’ narrated by Laurence Fishburne, post-screening Q&A with Angelo Moore 
WHEN: Thru Thursday, 12/22
WHERE: Charles Theatre, 1711 North Charles St., Baltimore, MD  
FMI: http://www.thecharles.com/node/217
ticketed event

thursday + friday

National Women’s History Museum Exhibit: Women in Early Film
WHERE: Online  
FMI: http://bit.ly/seGWZq

Smithsonian IMAX Screening: ‘Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol’
WHEN: thru January 15th
WHERE: Airbus IMAX Theater, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, 14390 Air & Space Museum Parkway, Chantilly, VA 20151
FMI: http://bit.ly/rN6caC
admission required

Holiday Classics Series feat. ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ + ‘A Christmas Carol’
WHEN: Thru Saturday, 12/24
WHERE: AFI Silver Theatre & Cultural Center, 8641 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD
FMI: http://bit.ly/tBnDhA
admission required

#WWED: 5 Ways to End Procrastination (for Creatives), #B28WriterWednesdays

“Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work.” —Gustave Flaubert



[Totally stolen from McGuinness’s resource page on time management! LOVE it.]

I know you all too well.

In fact, I am you.

You’ve had 3 months to write a script for this festival. Now you have 3 weeks. Your creative juices have needed all that time to start flowing, right?


O, Filmmaker. Just because you’re creative, doesn’t mean good time management precludes you. Here are 5 Tips to get your time management skills in order, and a few more resources to get your productivity in check.



ONE: Level with yourself.

The ex-educator in me feels compelled to attack this topic with a pre-assessment.

In order to know what YOU (and I) have to do to stop wasting YOUR (and my own) time, we need to know where you (we) presently fall in the creative time management continuum.  

What good is a prescription if we have no diagnosis? So! Lucky for both of us, someone already invented such a tool!

Courtesy of Copyblogger.com, here’s a special link to find out if you are, indeed, a time waster. Click HERE to learn your fate.

TWO: Track your time.

Don’t make any rash attempts to change your behavior just yet. Take a few days (3 max) to do things just as you’ve always done them, but keep a log of how you spend your waking—and sleeping—hours.

Mind Tools created a stress management document just for this purpose. Use their Excel sheet or—if you’re digitally inclined—use your smart phone calendar in reverse as you go throughout your day. Track what you do when you do it, and how much time you’re giving away. Stop Justin Timberlake-ing.

THREE: Face the facts.

Believe it or not, this is not hardly as dreadful as those impossible New Year’s Resolutions you’re about to make.

When the 3 days of self-reflection are done, take a look at what time management habits you’ve unconsciously developed.

Highlight those time-stealing patterns (i.e. 2-hour Words with Friends sesh). The idea here isn’t to beat yourself up nor is it to necessarily change the routine—but the behavior.

You want to find out why you’re more naturally inclined and motivated to watch Hulu around 11AM and why that scenario has become a ritual for you. This step yields great clues about when your creativity is at its peak, and how you can maximize that time when it comes.

Maybe, those extended WWF sessions are an indication that you need to problem solve or collaborate during that time. Maybe that 11AM private viewing party is a perfect time for you to edit footage. As you develop a more effective daily routine, you may opt to set aside moments throughout your day for more PRODUCTIVE purposes.

FOUR: Establish a routine.

Courtesy of Copyblogger.com, Business Balls has great starting tips for drafting a daily schedule that works for you. See it here.

As you set goals for your time, be sure to track EVERY minute, including when you plan to eat, sleep, socialize, and e-mail. Failure to do so sets you up for failure. Why? Because then you’re new time wasters will be snacking, sleeping, socializing…

And you’ll blame the world for sharing such awful time management resources…

FIVE: Give your creativity room to breathe. Literally.

According to Columbia University’s Graduate School of Study, we spend a lot of our time getting distracted. On average, if something or someone doesn’t interrupt our focused activity, we fill in to distract ourselves (with FB, Twitter, texting, eating, etc) at least every 12 minutes. 

Columbia recommends, we reduce our distractions by getting inventive.

Laundry rooms were Stephen King’s style. I’ll admit…bathrooms are my style. Find yours, and then turn your signals off: Wifi, cellular, GPS—all of it. Keep whatever stimuli you (claim) you need to a bare and unplugged minimum, and Columbia recommends a very anti-Pomodoro approach: set aside 90-minute blocks if you’re serious about getting your creative work done.

 Check out these links for more time management awesomeness:
B28@ :: #GVEXPO 2011 in Review
Playing with high tech toys? Sitting under the tutelage of some of the nation’s finest in video and broadcast production? Winning underwater cameras? Nice way to spend your week.* See what you missed at this year’s #GVEXPO at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. And start prepping for next year’s madness!

GV EXPO - slide show

(*Especially if you’re going to fall deathly ill the following week. But that’s just me…lol)

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#GVEXPO recommends a few gifts that #B28ers deserve There aren’t very many days left until the BIG day.

Whichever you take to celebrate or don’t, there is still something special about taking time to give…and yeah… Admit it…receive a nice gift. Here are a few items some nice folk believe you deserve. (Of course they have no vested interest or anything! LOL) Enjoy!

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B28 talking inspiration with design giant, Patrick Robinson.