bytheoak replied to your photoset:a more exiting wip, i got the basic body down now…

I’m not sure but they might be short for BJD standards, but don’t get me wrong I actually really like that because I get kind of freaked out by how long some BJD legs are compared to the torso. These look proportioned!

thanks ! i know what you mean some of my taller dolls are all leg lol

if i didn’t screw up his legs should be about half his body length!

bytheoak said: You’re actually tying the knots? O.O That’s a lot to expect from you for a commission. Maybe you could buy some in Chinatown :p

i need like 6 and a peculiar colour and design (that has to go with the rest of the cord used for the outfit) so i just need to figure it out when my brain is not toasted xD

the knots aren’t actually all that difficult one you figure them out (i have done it before) i’m just so out of it today @___@