“Living in a foreign language is like watching television. You sit and follow everything happening before you, all the while knowing it’s an illusion that only resembles reality…” These opening sentences (roughly translated) on the back cover are what caught my eye. Haytham al-Wardani ’s Daydream. #books #bytheircovers #arabic #egypt #darmerit #literature

A better picture of this book, which looks to be an adventure-story-styled account of Pashtun Princess Ma’sumah’s exciting life. The subtitle here is, “from the mountains of Afghanistan to the plains of Lebanon.” By Ghadah Ghantush. #books #arabic #afghanistan #bytheircovers

If anyone out there is familiar with Sudanese and Mauritanian writers (especially poets), please talk to me! I want to post pictures of some of our new books from the Sudan and Mauritania, but I want to be able to give a little introduction when possible, and the books I’m cataloging have little to no background information on their authors.

Or if you know someone who knows someone…

I have been dying to read this book since I first saw it. It’s called al-Ghabah al-sirriyah, or The Secret Forest, and I believe it is a first novel by Sudanese writer Layla Salah. She has a very sweet dedication here to her father, who she calls her “first reader.” Oh, and it won the Tayeb Salih award for 2010-2011! I like the cover art, too. First page next. #sudan #sudaneselit #arabic #books #bytheircovers #coverart #tayebsalihprize