The List

This week’s covet-ables have all been chosen for their ‘aw’ factor. It’s November, I need this.

First up, gorgeous red panda earrings from leanimalé at etsy. Under 20 quid, so completely justifiable. Note to self: still need to get ears pierced!

I saw this tee and fell in love. From CO|TE at YOOX it’s a little bit expensive for what is essentially a piece of cotton (*cough cough* $180 *cough*) but it takes me back to my childhood and that’s priceless.

Ahhh, these little beauties come from the creative talent house that is ByPaige. All designs are hand-stitched so aren’t exactly fit for the baltic streets of Leeds, but they’re just so lovely! And if you aren’t as much of a bunny fan as me (it would take some doing), do not fear, since the website offers literally hundreds of equally cute designs. Take Messrs Fox and Owl, for example…

At the risk of losing what little street cred I have left…. eeep! 

Last up is this delectable Terrier Ring by Les Nereides. It actually took me a while to work out that I was looking at a terrier and not a flower (my eyes are Poor) but when I twigged, I was hooked. Credit is due to my pal Roseanne for adding this to her svpply. She is a woman of exceptional taste and her blog is here. As for the terrier - he is available at asos, and best of all, in the sale! 


I’m conflicted

I hate myself

But I love myself
I am happy

But I’m not happy
I hate everything

But love every thing
I aspire to be meaner

But I aspire to be nicest
I hate society

Yet I follow its rules
I give the best advice

But I never follow it
I don’t care what people say

But I change to their opinions
I want to be perfect

But I don’t want to conform
I want to be a role model

But how can I be when I’m so self conflicted that I don’t even know which part of me is speaking when I talk?

How can you help others when you can’t help yourself?
I do it.
I don’t know how but I do.
I know what’s best for others but I can’t seem to figure out what’s best for myself.
And I’m just living like this.