The infographic highlights findings from the mobile learning report, Living & Learning with Mobile Devices, released today from Grunwald & Associates and the Learning First Alliance. According to the report more than 50 percent of parents believe that schools should make more use of mobile devices in education.

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I’m really surprised by the data collected in this survey (2,392 parents) which isn’t unfortunately broken down into age categories. Two items of note:

  • 83% said their school does not require use of personal electronic devices and 72% said it was not allowed at all.
  • Parents are concerned about theft of personal devices (81%), but 45% still plan to buy or have a personal mobile device purchased for their student. 32% of parents surveyed think schools should require this.

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"… digital innovation in-the-large has only continued to accelerate. The rate of change is increasing and companies response to it isn’t: On a daily basis, several thousand new mobile apps become available, while on a broader horizon the amount of data our businesses must respond to doubles at least every 1-2 years. So too are the methods through which we have to engage with and respond to our customers. The deltas on every front look similar."

(via Digital diaspora in the enterprise: Arrival of the CDO and CCO | ZDNet)

Tendance #XYOD – 01 : #BYOD et recommandations de la CNIL ?

[subtitle] BYOD : les recommandations la CNIL [/subtitle]

Mobilité : La fameuse Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés (CNIL) a diffusé le mois dernier une fiche pratique sur « les bonnes pratiques » en matière de Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Une fiche qui montre toute la complexité de l’application du BYOD en France. (more…)

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If we are really wanting to help these kids that might be coming from poor situations, we need to rethink the practices that we already have in our schools to provide for them. For example, many schools have “computer labs” where we take kids once or twice a week, to do something with technology or allow them to type out an essay for us. This is not a good use of technology anymore and we should know better now. Technology should be at the point of instruction and be as accessible in learning as a pencil; it shouldn’t be an event. How many pencil labs do you have in your school?

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Codeless application development is the new way of building apps without the need to write code. Programming is already hard enough. So they managed to expound the technology they already had and moved it forward. They managed to build a codeless application environment so they can now drag and drop components on mobile phones. Since there is no need in learning a new programming language developers can deliver and fix apps in no time.
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