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you’re 20? when i was 20 i still thought rape jokes were funny. that’s kind of embarrassing to admit.

oh i’m 21! gotta change that

and this is a sorta controversial opinion, but actually i DO think jokes that touch on the subject of rape can be funny. hopefully that doesn’t like, destroy my entire argument against daniel tosh, but yeah. i think the key difference between a “rape joke” and a “joke about rape” is who the butt of it is. if the joke is making fun of something about society, something that is fucked up, and it uses rape to frame the joke, then that’s alright. when they’re horrible is when they just make fun of people who get raped or treat rape itself like a hilarious subject rife for comedy like ~trouble with the ladies~ or ~talking to your boss~. if it treats rape or those who have been raped as objects of ridicule in and of themselves, that’s when i’m not ok with it. jezebel and washington city paper have a good little chunk of articles on this which basically say the same thing, and which helped me form my opinion on rape jokes (which i used to think were generally alright, too). the washington city paper one has examples that highlight the distinction i’m talking about, if that helps

Claire's one GREAT Analogy.

Now, one thing you need to know about Claire is that she comes up with some RIDICULOUS analogies. Seriously. But last night she surprised me with a genius one!

We were having a lengthy session where I quizzed her on the perfect partner for all our girl friends, when it came to my turn she said that she felt like I didn’t really know what I wanted in life yet, regarding men as well as ambitions and goals. Which is very true now I think of it.

Claire’s main long-term dream is to become an art teacher, and this is a goal she always has in the back of her mind. If everything were to fall to shit, she would be able to drag herself out somewhat unscathed due to the fact that she still has her heart and soul locked onto this goal…

To illustrate this point she said that the idea of being an art teacher was like an island that she had hooked onto…and that in my life I tend to hook onto things/people for a small amount of time..this got me thinking and made me realise that when small things go wrong I really fall apart because I haven’t latched onto one end goal..I’m not going in one solid direction towards anything in particular.

Thanks for making me think about this Claire! It really whipped my mind into shape today and I’ve got myself a solid goal..even if it is a bit of a short term one, it’s certainly there!!!