hi if you’ve noticed I’ve left tumblr basically and this is my final post I’m only leaving my account undeleted to bookmark likes

I updated my about one last time

if u still wanna contact me or stay in touch with me message me and we’ll exchange twitters besides that bye


yo whatup i am lookin for cool blogs to follow

if you post these things, heart/reblog this


-the killers

-my chemical romance

-cool artisty things??/

-ccol text posts/things

-white collar bc matt bomer 


-one tree hill

-it’s always sunny 


mom: let’s go for a walk

*wants to stay on tumblr to talk about ashton giving 16y/o luke his first blowjob but that’s not a good enough excuse*

im going on a semi hiatus so will only be active 2-3 times a week bc school and work you can add me on snapchat/instagram/twitter: ctrocchi (just tell me you’re from tumblr in your first pic) I hope after a few months i will be more active, but as of now my blog will mostly be a queue