slightestwind replied to your post: you are cordially invited to suck my dick

this is probably about wank but i’m just thinking about kurt and blaine both feeling the stress of picking out wedding invitations and kurt gets loopy one night and ends up sending that on an invitation to blaine (and blaine frickin loves it)

how the heck am i supposed to be mad about stuff when you leave replies like this

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I still don’t understand how bags of milk make more sense (or enough sense to keep them) than cartons of jugs. Not only do you still waste the bag but you have to produce the pitchers. I don’t get it. Explain.

  • Milk bags are 100% recyclable. (Cartons are not, jugs are.)
  • You only ever need to buy one pitcher.
  • Less storage space required in your refrigerator.
  • Bags are portioned for maximum shelf life.
  • Easier to ship/more cost effective to ship.
  • Often less expensive to buy than jugs or cartons.

voicelikehelvetica replied to your post: i ship you with Darren because i think you would make good babies :D

You’d have adorable aqua-haired babies. (shhhh I know that’s not genetic but still)

oh my god i’m picturing horribly curly blue-haired children fRICK

chatterboxklaine replied to your postI feel like the most obvious answer to whom to ship you with is Hunter.

does that mean we’re going to have to be in a polygamous realtionship

the more the merrier!

chatterboxklaine replied to your posti ship you with Darren because i think you would make good babies :D


RIGHT i cry whenever i look at it tbh we were like snuggled together with my hand on his shoulder and he took the picture with my phone and i cried about later on after i was finished talking to him

redkora replied to your post: i’m taking a trip down me…

Cat, I’m a kitty cat… Then there was the save the sheep game. :3

and i dance dance dance and i dance dance dance. man that is a friggin CLASSIC. i think i was like 13 when i saw that for the first time? wow

butillbeseeingyou replied to your post: i’m taking a trip down me…

I can still quote most of that ‘This is the earth’ video (damn, that is a sweet earth)

what’s goin on, eh? ;)

znks replied to your post: can i just say this is probably like t…

remember the handerson fourgy? good times

pureklaination replied to your post: can i just say this is probably like t…

not really, the first hiatus i was here was duller than dirt, but by hell did we make our own fun. canniblaine, not a single argument anywhere but basically competing who could make the most NC17 fic. it was hilarious and awesome

i think canniblaine was before my time, but i do remember both of those! ahhh the good old days of complete crack. i think the issue is that we’re not ‘making our own fun’ this time around, we need to make up a new thing to occupy our time. 

foxieloxie replied to your post: My friend just told me Chill broke up. Is it true? I ship CC but I don’t want Chris to be sad :/

Wasn’t there a lot of nasty comments written in Russian? I saw someone comment on how Alla can understand everything they’re saying and probably taking note.

The last time I looked at the comments was the day after he posted it. I noticed maybe a handful of terrible Russian comments, it’s very possible there had been more since then. :( If there was it would make sense for him to take it down, to protect Will from seeing them. That makes me angry and sad.

slightestwind replied to your post: i have to admit i’m going…

is your christmas icon blaine with eggnog dripping from his mouth ((i’m genuinely so sorry for that))

i am truly scandalized ms. slightestwind, i would never!

christmas is my favourite holiday, but my icon will be a little more boring than that ehehe. i’m one of those people that goes into christmas mode as soon as halloween is over but i’ll wait a little while to change it, i promise i’m not that obnoxious

theinvisibleteen replied to your post: First ever pumpkin spice latt…

Does it actually taste that good? I the kind of asshole who doesnt actually like coffee nor any hot drink i’ve tried but everyone goes on about these things

well, i’m not sure yet. it’s definitely not the best thing i’ve ever drank. i think for me the coffee flavour is too strong (i don’t actually like coffee either). probably wouldn’t buy it again tbh

also it was like $5.37 who the heck has the money to buy these on a regular basis definitely not me