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You obviously don't understand Korean. Koreans are not trying to be racist or imitate black people. Not everything is about black people. Painting the face black used to act as a coal miner or chimney sweeper in plays. Get your facts straight. You're so upsetting.

"Koreans are not trying to be racist or imitate black people."

Where did I say that Koreans were “trying” to be racist?

The fact of the matter is is that you don’t HAVE to be “trying” anything in order to be racist. You don’t HAVE to have hateful motives to be racist.

Not imitating black people? So an actress dressing up as Dooly, a BLACK Korean character who is depicted as a caricature of black people


or several women dressing up as Dreamgirls


or LITERALLY depicting a stereotype of a watermelon-loving Black person


NONE of those instances are imitating black people?



"Not everything is about black people"

The fact that you feel as though me calling out clear depictions of blackface in Korean entertainment is about making everything about black people says infinitely more about you who cowardly hides behind Internet anonymity.

"Painting the face black used to act as a coal miner or chimney sweeper in plays."











There is literally TONS of information on minstrel shows and EXACTLY the type of depictions of black people that they were shamelessly aiming for—even an ENTIRE fucking website with ALL the information you could possibly need AND a specific section on the “Coon” character at the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia—and yet your explanation is THAT?

How about you go do some ACTUAL fucking research???

You have the audacity to come into MY space and imply that I (and THOUSANDS of other people who understood, signed, and shared the petition—including some native Koreans—by proxy) am misinformed???

I pray that you’re not following me because I WILL ask that you unfollow my ass on the spot. I don’t have time for such foolishness.


There was no reason for there to be a resemblance. Carlisle was not my father in the basic biological sense. We shared no common features. The similarity in our coloring was a product of what we were; every vampire had the same ice pale skin. The similarity in the color of our eyes was another matter—a reflection of a mutual choice.
And yet, though there was no basis for a resemblance, I’d imagined that my face had begun to reflect his, to an extent, in the last seventy-odd years that I had embraced his choice and followed in his steps. My features had not changed, but it seemed to me like some of his wisdom had marked my expression, that a little of his compassion could be traced in the shape of my mouth, and hints of his patience were evident on my brow.

The Mystery of Saturn’s Expanding F Ring

Saturn’s most distant ring is twice as bright and three times as wide as it was during the Voyager flybys in 1980 and 1981

Saturn’s rings are among the most beautiful sights in the Solar System. They have been a source of scientific fascination and puzzlement since they were discovered by Galileo in 1610 although it was Christiaan Huygens who first suggested they were rings in 1655.

The great mystery of Saturn’s rings is how they formed and why they are so stable. A simple model of orbital dynamics suggests that any small particles in this kind of orbit should gradually spiral into the planet.

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