“What do you know… She can laugh.” Finn Collins

listen: we all know sherlock has icy little toes and he forces them under john’s thighs to warm up when they’re watching something and john is like “ughhhh i can feel how cold they are through my trousers” but he says it really nicely and then “absent-mindedly” puts his hand on sherlock’s shins to make sure he doesn’t take him seriously and move his feet. and then john genuinely goes back to watching whatever it is but sherlock just stares at john’s hand sort-of half stroking his legs and he can’t believe his smoll stunt paid off so well and his heart is beating so fast and he’s 😳😳😳🙈

*someone knocks on my door*


niall: hey ! its me niall horan here from one direction, i hear you’re a really big fan–

me: *sees he’s wearing the hat*