stereotypical zodiac signs
  • aries:bossy bitch who doesn't care about anyone but herselftaurus: lazy whiny loner who doesn't do anything except eat and eat and eat and eat and eat all day
  • gemini:compulsive liar who gossips 99℅ of the time and is also apparently schizophrenic
  • cancer:*lips quiver* *pouts* *cries* *hides behind scorpio*
  • leo:extremely narcissistic selfish snob who loves themselves a little too much<p/>
  • virgo:annoying weirdo who's annoyed by everything around them
  • libra:literally oozing love and sweetness and kindness
  • scorpio:fun and outgoing until they turn into a cutthroat bitch who'll screw up everything you love out of jealousy
  • sagittarius:real friendly but will pretend you don't exist if you talk shit about them
  • capricorn:studies a lot and is boring af
  • aquarius:super quiet and will probably not even respond if you talk to them
  • pisces:*sleeps* *daydreams* *cries* *listens to music* *paints a masterpiece* *cries* *cries a bit more* *sleeps*

Elizabeth Jennings → EST Men

I can’t wait to show y’all my debate cause cause I explicitly say white people are the problem and white feminism is shit and doesn’t work cause they try to control the bodies of WoC cause they can’t do shit to white men so they also degrade every PoC cause of white privilege and hide behind *feminism* where they don’t give a shit about racism or transphobia.

Your feminism isn’t worth shit if you only focus on white women cause you don’t care about racism.

I’m an Asian woman. I’m a woman of color. You can’t take one or the other away from me because I am both. I experience misogyny and racism. When you only address one cause it only applies to you, then you’re exclusionary and my feminism will always be better than any white feminist shit like Miley Cyrus or Lena Dunham.

"But let it go, live your life and leave it
Then one day, you’ll wake up and she’ll be home”

Part of the lyrics to Ezria’s song from the day they met and I’m crying because it’s so relevant to their situation now. Ezra will let her go, but when the timing is finally right between them, she’ll be ready to come home (home meaning him).