It was surreal seeing the street where I went to high school all over the news today. In short, it was hard not to think about my home town. Before I drew comics I worked as a muralist for years. I contributed to about 40 murals before I decided to try something else. The first one I worked on is still behind the Dunkin’ Donuts across the street from Berklee. In 2016 that building is scheduled to be torn down.

Wish I had better pictures of everything, but I might dig up some more stuff and post it on tumblr later this week as I’m feeling a bit home sick.

BYCC 2012 was amazing!

Met some great new people,

bonded over our Catholic faith and Jesus, 

I met & took a picture with Steve Angrisano,

and had several spontaneous jam sessions with random people :)

Free hugs & love went around this weekend and I can’t wait for NCYC 2013! 

Haha but that was so awkward getting hit on while I was trying to pray xD


bellamy + clarke | still (by me)

“hate is spitting out each other’s mouths, but we’re still sleeping like we’re lovers”

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Stiles & Lydia | I Will Follow You Into the Dark


get to know me ~ [1/10] favorite female characters

↪ rae earl

“well, i’m definitely not girly. my nickname is raemundo, i drink pints! i swear! i’m loud! i tell jokes! …telling jokes is a boy thing. and boys don’t like it when girls tell jokes, because it freaks them out to think that a girl might actually be funnier than what they are! ugh!”


Bellamy + Clarke | Wicked Game (by me)

happy valentine’s day!




Oliver + Felicity | Should This Be the Last Thing I See…

(made by me)

I could totally see lydia saying I love you the first time to stiles on accident. like, at the end of a phone call, or when they’re saying things they love about each other like “I love it when you smart mouth me.” “I love when you laugh at my stupid jokes.” “I love you.” and then like getting really wide eyes because it just slipped out, even though it’s true.