It was surreal seeing the street where I went to high school all over the news today. In short, it was hard not to think about my home town. Before I drew comics I worked as a muralist for years. I contributed to about 40 murals before I decided to try something else. The first one I worked on is still behind the Dunkin’ Donuts across the street from Berklee. In 2016 that building is scheduled to be torn down.

Wish I had better pictures of everything, but I might dig up some more stuff and post it on tumblr later this week as I’m feeling a bit home sick.

BYCC 2012 was amazing!

Met some great new people,

bonded over our Catholic faith and Jesus, 

I met & took a picture with Steve Angrisano,

and had several spontaneous jam sessions with random people :)

Free hugs & love went around this weekend and I can’t wait for NCYC 2013! 

Haha but that was so awkward getting hit on while I was trying to pray xD

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Stiles & Lydia | I Will Follow You Into the Dark


get to know me ~ [1/10] favorite female characters

↪ rae earl

"well, i’m definitely not girly. my nickname is raemundo, i drink pints! i swear! i’m loud! i tell jokes! …telling jokes is a boy thing. and boys don’t like it when girls tell jokes, because it freaks them out to think that a girl might actually be funnier than what they are! ugh!"

here’s the thing - we need more shows that are smart and respect the fans. 

and even when they aren’t smart, they still need to respect the fans. 

they’ve been telling us all season that they’re really going to focus on Lydia, because that is what the fans want, and Lydia is what will keep us watching. but do they expect us not to realize that there is hardly any lydia at all?? like at least stop lying to your fans.

respect the fact that, yeah we actually watch the show and pay attention

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If I Had Dylan O’Brien (by CcBee1234)

NMTD Fan Game #5

(my first one!!)

Pancakes or waffles: waffles, always.

Coffee or Tea: probably tea. i don’t drink much of it but i don’t drink coffee at all.

Do you have any siblings? i have 3 brothers. 2 older, 1 younger.

Do you have any pets? this lil cutie!! and another dog, Godzilla, who isn’t as photogenic.


Can you do any accents? I can do various American accents and I can do some accents from different countries but i can only hold the accent for like a couple sentences.

Can you do any impressions? my robert de niro impression is something to be rivaled. 

Play any sports? i’m a cheerleader!

Where do you usually go over your Winter Holidays? there’s a ski resort only a few minutes from my house, so we stay home!

Did you set up and keep any New Year’s Resolutions? i don’t think i set any new year’s resolutions. although, every year i do tell myself “this is going to be the year i finish Lost” but i haven’t yet. still got two seasons to go.

If you could speak another language, what language would you choose? i’m learning french, currently. if i could speak a language without having to learn it, probably arabic or mandarin.

What was the last interesting dream that you had? i had a dream i killed some dogs on accident whilst driving and that was pretty scary and i don’t know what it means.

Tell us about your favorite birthday party/birthday celebration: my birthday is the day before halloween, so one year i invited a bunch of friends over and we pulled this really scary prank on them and it was the best time ever.

Best gift you have ever received: last year my brother got me Friends Scene It so that was pretty cool. 

What’s the nicest thing a non-internet stranger has ever done for you? one time my brother and i were waiting in line to go up the gondola to the ski mountain, and our ski resort has a special Silver Gondola that has like really comfy chairs and the people in front of us let us go ahead of them so we could ride it.

Most thoughtful thing someone has done/said on a bad day? there’s not really a particular thing that stands out…i guess sometimes i text my friend about it and she says some really funny stuff that makes me feel better about the situation.

What does your dream bedroom look like? i do love the fairy lights, so probably some of those would be in there.

Assuming money isn’t an issue, if you could do anything with your life what would it be and why? also assuming this is where the future is headed,i’d like to put my brain into a robot so that i could live forever.

Favorite type of cookie: the peanut butter with hershey kiss ones.

Favorite chocolate: it used to be Milk Duds, but now i’m not sure.

If you were a type of chocolate or chocolate-involving food (basically an ingredient in chocolate salad), what would you be and why? ooohh, ummm…probably like just regular milk chocolate because i’m very lovable??? idk guys.

omg for those fanfic writers out there - I’d love a fic of Ben meeting bea’s aunts and/or vice versa to ben’s parents. and if they’ve maybe already met, like introducing them as boyfriend/girlfriend