I know that this isn’t a gif but I wanted to share this with you lovely folks. I went to see the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular tonight and it was absolutely fantastic. The music was mesmerising and I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the music that helps to make Doctor Who what it is today. It was a magical evening and I just wanted to share this little snippet with you on this blog because we all share the same love for this brilliant television series.

things that are not problems within feminism:

• “misandry”

things that are problems within feminism and we are working on fixing:

• radfems whom believe that only biological females with a vagina and xx chromosomes are female and shame / misgender / exclude trans women

• radfems also equating trans men with women and making them uncomfortable when they are in fact men

• radfems who shame sex workers

• white-centric feminism that ignores the unique struggles of woc