Survey time

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10 facts about me 

1. Your nickname: n/a

2. Your eye colour:  greyish-Blue

3. Your hair colour: dark brown

4. 1 fact about you: despite being Canadian I have an “American accent” from my time spent living in the US

5. Favourite colour: various shades of blue

6. Favourite place: various states and provinces (AZ, NY, British Columbia and Ontario), and some far away places (Medellin, Colombia and parts of Italy)

7. Favourite celebrity: stanley kubrick (favorite living celebrity: david lynch)

8. Favourite animal: sloth 

9. Favourite song: Beethoven - Sonata “Pathetique” Op. 13 - II. Adagio cantabile, and Vince Guaraldi Trio - Christmas Time is Here instrumental (basically the most depressing piano songs of all time)

10. Favourite book: Finnegans Wake (James Joyce), Flow My Tears the Policeman Said (Philip K. Dick)

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