The sky remembers neither cloud nor bird,
but it doesn’t forget. Dust doesn’t forget
mud, nor mud dust. Salt doesn’t forget

even dissolved in so much ocean,
its grains ghostly but material,
articles of faith yet to be disproven.

This may be why, if air-dried
after a sea-swim, my hands flash
and my chest floods with scales,

my body a reflection, salt’s chance
to crystallize memory. But I am the one
who recalls remembrance

is skin-deep, a veiled mirror,
who still knows I forget nothing
unless I remember I’ve forgotten. 

Andres Rojas, “Mirror Memory,” New England Review (vol. 34, no. 1, 2013)

May 1

What is Borderline Personality Disorder? At first, it was believed to be on the borderline of psychosis and neurosis, hence the name, but that has since been disproven and is now believed to exist on its own spectrum. BPD is often misdiagnosed as bipolar at first because of the similarities in depressive episodes and the severity of mood swings, although it is possible to have both disorders.

BPD consists of a number of symptoms including chronic feelings of emptiness, dissociative symptoms, impulsivity, rapid mood swings, low self-esteem, instability in goals and self-identity, instability in relationships, anxiety, anger, fear of abandonment, and suicide attempts and self-harm. About 80% of people with BPD will attempt suicide at least once in their life time. About 12% of those will succeed, making BPD the most life-threatening mental disorder after eating disorders. 

There is no known cause for BPD, but there are theories. Many professionals believe it is a combination of nature and nurture. Most people with BPD have a family history of either BPD or other mental illnesses (such as bipolar), although it is also possible to have BPD despite having no family history of mental illness. Ultimately, it’s decided that someone with BPD always had a brain which had the potential to develop the disorder, but an event later in life triggered the symptoms, such as a trauma, although a trauma does not have to occur in order for BPD to develop. Many people with the disorder claim to have experienced symptoms at an early age, although the diagnosis is normally not made until one is 18 or older. BPD does not really make its presence known until later development because of the part of the brain it affects, but diagnoses can still be made in minors.

Many people with BPD come from abusive upbringings or suffered some form of abuse or trauma in their adolescence or adulthood. Most of them are also diagnosed with PTSD. Other common comorbid disorders include bipolar disorder, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, and other personality disorders.

BPD affects an estimated 2-6% of the population.

anonymous asked:

"other 13 victims" wait, you buy into that bullshit that they were somehow victims? LMAO You do realize that the assumption of them being bullied to the point where they snapped was disproved as soon as someone looked at their journals and videos right? Or, do you ignore the actual facts in order to romanticize a couple of racist, sexist, homophobic, bullying scumbags? Being that you were probably still in diapers when it happened, I'm guessing you haven't bothered to get educated on the subject

First of all, nice eloquence. Way to really argue your point with sources there. Disproven? I’ll bet you’re sourcing Dave Cullen, or some random media article that you found. Or you just “heard it”, because that’s one of the rumours that goes around. So let me educate you for one second.

You said the fact that they were bullied was disproven from their journals and video tapes. Here’s a quote from Eric’s journal: “ I hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things. And no don’t fucking say, “well thats your fault” because it isnt, you people had my phone #, and I asked and all, but no. no no no dont let the weird looking Eric KID come along, ohh fucking nooo.”

In the Basement Tapes, Dylan says that people at school were going to “pay for all the shit”.

Here’s a few quotes from other students about how rampant bullying was at Columbine:

“People surrounded them in the commons and squirted ketchup packets all over them, laughing at them, calling them faggots,” Brooks Brown says. “That happened while teachers watched. They couldn’t fight back. They wore the ketchup all day and went home covered with it.”

`They were ones you would make fun of. Sometimes it’d be me calling them names. It was like fun and games. We would pick on the them, egging them on with jibes of “gay,” or “inbreed”. Eric and Dylan would talk back to us in another language (German) and we’d just laugh. There was a lot of tension between us (jocks) and the members of Trenchcoat Mafia. We almost fought daily at school. It was like, `OK, we’ll meet you here and we’ll meet you there and get it all over with. Sometimes, I think it’s because of me.” – Mike Smith, senior at CHS.

“Columbine is a clean, good place except for those rejects. Sure, we teased them. But what do you expect with kids who come to school with weird hairdos and horns on their hats? It’s not just the jocks; the whole school’s disgusted with them. They’re a bunch of homos… If you want to get rid of someone usually you tease ‘em. So the whole school would call them homos…” – Columbine student Evan Todd, Time magazine December 1999

Here’s a gif of Eric and his friends walking down the corridor. You literally see the people messing with the camera and pushing them.

‘’They’re walking through the halls and you can see a wall of jocks coming at them. You get the hell out of the way — it’s their hall, their world. And Eric and Dylan didn’t get out of the way, and so you see the jocks flay their elbows right into Eric [Veik] and almost knock the camera out of his hand and you don’t hear them bitchin’. ‘Cause they’re so used to it, they don’t go, ‘What the hell was that?’ They go, ‘Uh huh’ and they just move on, ‘cause it’s so common place. So shooting the kids at Columbine apparently is easier than fitting in at the school. That’s the biggest lesson to learn about Columbine.’’ – Brooks Brown

So don’t you dare say that  Eric and Dylan weren’t bullied. There are so many sources to confirm that they were. I’m not excusing their actions – they killed people, and there’s no forgiving that – but it’s understandable. They weren’t evil. I’m not romanticising them. I am humanising them.

A Sabine Headcanon

Have a thing I thought up when I was bored and obsessed with children’s TV series:

Sabine joined the crew about three years before the beginning of the series, when she was thirteen. Back then her hair was long and a dark brown. She was really quiet and shy–a far cry from her current personality, to be sure. Both that and her dislike of her own art was pounded into her by the Imperial Academy. 

With a lot a bit of coaxing, the crew brought her out of her shell. They learned she liked colors and explosions, and that she enjoyed painting and drawing. By the end of the first year she spent with the crew, she was chatty and happy. She cut her hair to about chin-length and dyed it pink and purple, she painted her armor and room, and she drew and painted more and more, developing her own style as she went.

The crew really became her family, and now she feels as if she can talk about anything with them. 

Another happy thing to drown out you BARBARIANS WITH YOUR SAD IDEAS AND ANGST that i love seeing on my dash as i cry in anguish for my babies

anonymous asked:

Reminder from a "cishet" that agender is a disproven theorem and special snowflake bullshit and you are a women all in all. When I rant about you I will refer to you as a she

anyway im still an agender cutie with they/them pronouns and u r a scared anon!!!!!

I can’t wait until Jurassic World comes out in theaters and then the 5,000 whiny posts that will later be on tumblr about how scientifically incorrect a Hollywood movie about a park full of genetically engineered cloned dinosaurs was…like all the other Jurassic movies were…cause you know they can’t be fun fantasy movies for people to enjoy or anything.

(Coming from a huge dinosaur fan who watches literally all dinosaur documentaries and knows that a lot of the crap in the movies has been disproven with modern dino science but still can enjoy the series cause I’m not a turd.)

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To John Paul Brammer: As you will realize eventually, behavior isn't equal and neither are feelings. Under the Constitution as rightly interpreted a person, or a group/category of people, doesn't get to force a society to formally or informally "recognize" any identity of its choosing. "Gay" is neurotic, parentally caused, and preventable. It is also treatable with state-of-the-art depth psychotherapy. Contrary to Leftist rumor, this has never been, and will never be, disproven.

One time when I was very young, I had the privilege of seeing a full-grown deer in my backyard. I remember being excited, because even though I lived out in the countryside in Oklahoma where deer weren’t exactly uncommon, it was nonetheless the closest I’d ever been to an adult deer at that stage of my life. I distinctly recall it being a crisp, early morning - Sky, pink as the sun poked up over the mountains. Grass, still wet with dew. 

And then I remember the deer turned its face to look at me where I was standing behind the window, and when it locked eyes with mine, it then proceeded to take a shit. 

Now, deer shit is more commonly referred to as “droppings” because when a deer takes a shit, it shits out a series of round little turds that collect in a heap. 

Reading your message, I couldn’t help but remember the first time I saw deer shit. Because, like deer shit, it is a series of turds put together in a turd heap that at first glance looks like one big shit pile but upon further review reveals itself to be a bunch of smaller pieces of shit that constitute a greater whole. 

And so I suppose I should thank you for transporting me back to such a pleasant memory of my childhood. But again, and I must be clear: Your argument is a heap of shit. 

ancestor theory in light of the recent upd8

so, remember the old headcanon that the handmaid used darkleer’s void as refuge? i just realized it has some interesting implications: 

>scratch raises damara into the handmaid, makes her miserable
>handmaid spends time with darkleer to hide from scratch, since scratch cant see through his void
>they bond over time
>darkleer’s descendant, equius, inherits darkleer’s affection for megidos
>equius becomes infatuated with megidos
>equius becomes arquius
>arquius becomes lil cal
>scratch is engineered from lil cal and inherits his personality
>scratch inherits equius’ obsession for megidos
>because of this scratch kidnaps damara and raises her into the handmaid
>tfw stable time loop

it’ll probably never be proven/disproven but it’s still an interesting little tidbit??

if any of this was done to any of them! If a fraction of what they are doing!!! If anonymous threads were made to spread lies about them and make lists about them and baseless and disproven allegations were used as a basis to ban them from a con CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE IF A FRACTION OF THE THINGS GRACE HAS LAUGHED OFF WAS SAID ABOUT THEM I’m seriously going to

Okay, I know it’s very likely that Steven Universe just frequently lapses into musical moments, but until it’s explicitly disproven I’m going to continue considering the theory that singing about your feelings is part of Gem culture. Nobody chimes in with Garnet’s song during that whole scene. Greg is a musician who only sings about how he feels when he’s actually noodling on a guitar. Lars talks about Steven singing in “Coach Steven” like it’s genuine weird behavior, not lampshading how they’re in a musical. I don’t think there are any really impossibly coordinated duets. This is a species that fuses by dancing; it’s not that far-fetched.

I’m holding onto this one.

A destiel/cockles/Castiel/Misha hater recently brought up some “Jared Hate”

as proof that Jared has “so much more hate than Misha”. or that Cockles shippers hate Jared just as much as Misha haters hate on Misha.

LOL, Literally Laugh Out Loud.

Almost every single supposed Destiel/Cockles twitter/tumblr account that has gone to the point of violent threats against Jared, or that has spewed nasty things about the man, has been disproven as a destieler account. These accounts are FAKE.

Most of the hate/stalking that has occurred has not been from shippers, but usually crazed fans with singular focus on the actor themselves.

(We will discuss Misha hate at another time, because the dynamic changes for that particular group of haters. And YES there is actually a group!)

One look at these blogs or twitter accounts reveals the lie. Also, when the entire Destiel community refuses to have anything to do with the trolls in question, that should also be the biggest hint.

Let’s take a look at the two most-used examples of supposed Jared hate by Destiel shippers:


#1 is a blog that only ran for about 2 days in November of 2012. You can look at the blog, it’s full of ridiculous trash that no Destiel or Cockles shipper actually believes.

#2 is in the same vein, and was started in May of 2012, only ran a couple of days, and the wording leads me to believe it was run by the exact same person, trying to trump up the supposed “Jared hate” on the site.

These are what we call “sockpuppet” blogs, designed to stir up the fans. They are created by Jared fans, and intentionally post untrue and hateful things. Why? So they they can have a post to point at and say. “Look at all the Jared hate!”

The fact that hater blogs continuously reference these DEFUNCT and OBVIOUSLY FAKE blogs in support of their arguments proves this point.

Another problem that’s been brought to our attention recently is the old Twitter user: Kristy Hobbs

Now, this person posted hate against Jared, his wife, and baby. Her account was deleted, she created another, and that one got closed as well.

This one however, survives:

She also did a brief stint on Tumblr, but that account is also gone.

Why do I believe this was not an actual Destiel shipper? Because nobody liked her behavior. Everyone was against her. Also, there’s a lovely blog that can be found here:

that explains things from the point of a Destiel shipper. Unfortunately, imageshack images don’t last forever.

So the next time you see someone claiming a Destieler/Cockles shipper said something crazy, ask yourself:

Does this sound like something the people I follow would do?

Do they have proof?

Is the proof sound?

-Mod L

just-fanfiction-no-hate asked:

So I'm taking a Psych of Gender class in college and everything she has taught us (wage gap, 1 in 4, etc ) you have systematically disproven with creditable sources. I thought I was a feminist but you have seriously opened my eyes to truths. My question is why does a college class about gender inequality have wrong facts? You would think that a professor would research throughly before feeding us bullshit. Why does feminism persist in telling lies?

If I were you I would read up on the myths feminism continue to push and then ask the teacher that exact thing.

I’m such a little shit.


Thoughts on Lucy Stillman, or How to Make Sense of That Retcon

After finishing Revelations and The Lost Archive I just have many latent Lucy feelings and need to talk about them, because it looks like the fandom accepts this horrible, horrible retcon at face value, and I like to think there is much more to it than there seems to be. I’m not familiar with canon past the first two sequences of ACIII so far, so I may claim something that is later disproven, but given how little screentime the whole affair has had, I would not put my money on it. It’s worth noting that in the context of the retcon one can see considerable inconsistencies in the information that we were presented beforehand. Long story short - I do not believe Lucy was loyal to the templars. At the very least, I cannot take it for an undisputable fact. I believe her character as a mediator/borderline between Assassins and Templars had immense, immense potential that went more or less to waste for reasons I cannot understand.

Then again I might just be an idealist.

TL;DR version: Bi-loyal templassin Lucy headcanon accepted

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anonymous asked:

I don't understand how you could possibly be a part of the whole meninist 'joke.' There are women who have acid thrown in their faces by their husbands, young girls who are forced into arranged marriages, women who have virtually NO rights and are treated as property, and yet here you are making a joke out of 'meninism.' I honestly don't know how you even remotely think that's okay. It's EXTREMELY disrespectful and quite frankly not funny at all.

Do you know what meninism is? It’s not saying women deserve to be mistreated. It’s fucking satire. It’s a Twitter account that literally gender flips the hateful shit third feminists say. It doesn’t campaign because it’s not a movement.

And guess what. Third wave feminism is a joke. It doesn’t protect the women you speak of because it’s too busy campaigning against men who sit comfortably and complaining about a wage gap that has been repeatedly disproven.

You assume I don’t care about women, but I do. The only crime I seem to commit here is caring about men, too.