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Priyanka Chopra as Will  //   Dichen Lachman as Hannibal  //  Viola Davis as Jack  //  Lindsey Morgan as Alana  //  Ming-Na Wen as Bedelia  //  Tao Okamoto as Chiyoh  //  Rutina Wesley as Reba  //  Fan Bingbing as Molly

It's about to get sentimental in here.

So I was looking at Alana today (Mischa and eKat’s sister) and just talking to her. Or at her however you see it. And I was like “you’re so grown up… Stop growing up on me haha”. But then I had a moment because there was a time when it didn’t look like she would get a chance to grow up.

The kittens were very sick when we first got them. eKat had 3 surgeries before she was 3 months old (she had a life threatening condition- all fixed now) and Mischa and Alana had this eye thing that made them all weepy and Mischa couldn’t open her eye for a few days. All fixed with antibiotics though.

But Alana. Alana stopped eating. And for any cat/kitten owner that’s one of the biggest red flags that something is wrong. I brought these babies to the vet every other day. I’m not even kidding. Alana would have to get fluids, they would check up on eKat, and Mischa was fine, she just went along for the ride. (I vlogged diligently. Check out VlogMyLife around September on WeShouldntSing if you’re interested)

But at home we would have to hand feed Alana. We would take wet kitten food, put it on a tongue depressor, and spoon it into her mouth. She was very adamant about spitting it out, so it was very important to make sure she chewed and swallowed.

We hand fed her for over a week. 3 times a day. We never gave up hope that she would get better, but it was still scary. She was tiny enough that we could hold her in one hand.

So I look at her, now 10 months later, healthy, grown up, and it realize I do want her grown up. Because for so long I was afraid she would never get the chance.

Can I just say that one of my favourite companion approval moments is when you pick “I’m flattered.” when you’re told about the Venatori being obsessed with you and you get  “Varric slightly approves”.

It’s like Varric is thinking to himself “Oh God, I ended up following around another sarcastic arsehole… I feel so at home here.”

Courtney Valdari: Is there any one character that you can look at and say “It’s really this person’s season”?

Bryan Fuller: Oh, that’s a good question. It - in the first half of this season, you know, the story is always going to be about Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter at the center. And I think there are - what I love about this season in particular in the first chapter is how great the ensemble has come together.

       And, you know, this is also spoilery. So please tread lightly when writing about this. But when we get into Alana Bloom’s story, it was exciting for me to, A, have listened to some of the reaction to Alana’s story in the second season and there was a significant amount of feedback in terms of frustrations that she had been relegated to the girlfriend role, triangulated between Will and Hannibal and she wasn’t necessarily following her own story. I was determined at the beginning of this season to make Alana as interesting a character as any of the characters in this season and her change is perhaps the greatest from the first two seasons and the link that she goes to deal with her own damage from being in that relationship and finding out new things about herself as a result.

       So I’m thrilled with what Caroline has done with that character and having, you know, a long history with that actress going back to “Wonderfalls,” it was a delight to see her really shape the character’s arc in a new way, embrace these radical changes in her personality which having survived the Red Dinner gave us the motivation to really make a shift in her character.



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