even though cal joked abt it does not give you any right reblog/revine/retweet it, its hella disrespectful and gross

ok so i recently reached one of my goals so i decided to do a tumblr awards lmao

To enter:

  • mbf me, derek shingekinogf (ill check)
  • reblog this post (likes can be used for bookmarking)
  • be hella kool B)


  • best url (3-5)
  • best theme (3-5)
  • best aesthetic blogs (3-5)
  • best fandom/anime blogs (3-5)
  • best humor blogs (5-10)
  • cutest people (5-10)
  • nicest people (5-10)
  • i want to be your friend category (stole this from grndr lmao) (5-10)
  • best overall (3)
  • supreme meme overlord (1)

What you get if you win:

  • my friendship (pls)
  • a follow back (if not already)
  • a link on my blog
  • a FaceQ of you bc everyone needs another one of those
  • reblogs of your OPs or selfies
  • advice whenever you need it

so good luck !! lmao

banner made by yours truly


also personally, this made me feel weird honestly and it made me feel a little too disrespectful about her regular life. Sometimes people forgot this person who is AMAZING AND SHOULD BE KNOWN BY EVERYONE, is still just a regular human being like you and me.

Let’s make sure we continue to respect grace. We appreciate you grace

(disclaimer: this is in no way a complaint or roasting to the person who took this pic, I’m just giving my options on it, they can do whatever they want and hey, they still managed to get a hella gorgeous shot of grace so you do you bruh)

I've never done one of these before, but I promised to do one when I hit 500 followers...annnnd i procrastinated this so long that i hit 600 //sobs// SORRY IT'S LATE BUT HERE
The Senpai (the one who got me into all the roleplay shit in the first place, and is an amazing friend and has been there for me through so much crap)

headstrongpredator / sluttyblue / empressrevealed (so many more glorious blogs, but here are just a few of hers)

The Dweebs (Losers who have befriended me or that i consider friends even if we barely talk. I love each and every last one of you)

bluehairanddaisydukes / cakefuckerofficial / emptydollzuki / felliss2 / glassygears / jackie-not-koujackie / koujackie / koujakubalittlebirdaoba / sassybluesly / shiromouse / that-masculine-devil / that-other-masculine-devil / thebiggestdouchebagintheuniverse / thecarpetdoesntmatch / thisnerdnoiz / touescaptiveprincess / twosidesofthemirror

Seis (selfcest like hella. Just a few other really amazing Seis that i adore and i hope someday i can be on their level of amazing)\

angelofficial / captiveprince-ss / happiestsei / hollownesswithin / imperiaabsence / morphineangel / morphinescaptiveprincess / skeletaltwin / touescaptiveprincess

Amazing People (whether you're an artist, writer, cosplayer, or just an insanely rad blog, you caught my attention and i admire you all.)

aobaserageki / aqueoushumor / bigdaddymakoto / beniseragaki / chibbycookie / dies-first / dramaticalkouao / felliss-art / hasuyawwn / hot-topic-trash-baby / kanekocosplay / kikikabuki / madelezabeth / mangachaa / mookie000 / mylifeasaweapon / noizsdick / s-haa / sangcoon / seis-butt / shysei / sinderlin / stahlicosplaythe-actual-noiz / tigerine / toue-company / touefungusvislytri / yakuza-trash

Rad RPers (not that everyone i follow isn't hella rad, but these are just a few people i'd love to be friends with or roleplay with at some point in time.)

doing-it-doggy-style / dokuirezumi / forgotten-sound / imbruedinblossoms / minkbara / mizuki-dm / recollectiveprotector / seragaki-aoba-sly-blue / sly—bluu 

I'm sure i'm forgetting a bunch of people and i am so sorry. But i appreciate each and everyone of you so much! Thank you for putting up with me

Based on the first part of Karanguni's super excellent FFVII/Pacific Rim crossover fic, Executive Reform. Here is a link to the latest chapter, which contains links to all previous chapters. I didn’t know anything about Pacific Rim before reading the fic, and it was still hella enjoyable. How often do you see Hojo and Scarlet as the protagonists of anything, after all? Protagonists that have believable pasts and, gasp, actually develop as people in response to stuff that happens? Not to mention K’s writing is top-notch, as always. Do check out her stuff - you won’t be disappointed.

Inconsistent backgrounds, wonky perspectives, and wtf giant robot anatomy… I cried a lot over these pages, but now that they’re done they will (hopefully) stop haunting my nightmares…

(Just out of curiosity… do you recognise that ‘Kaiju’? Or the unholy blend of references that went into the Jaeger?)

As always, would love to know what you think. :)

OH TODAY I FORGOT TO TELL YOU GUYS I MET MY NEW GYM TEACHER TODAY AND IVE DONE DIRTY THINGS WITH HIS SON. and I think he knows and I think this gym class is gonna be hella weird because of it


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• best aesthetic (if applicable)
• nicest blogger
• best Tolkien
• best Game of Thrones
• best Vikings*
• best The Walking Dead*
• best multifandom
• my overall favorite
*depends upon the number of fandom-related blogs that enter

that’s all! reblog & quel marth, mellonea!

anonymous said:

intake for today?

  • oats with hella peanut butter and sliced banana
  • plain popcorn
  • amys lentil and veggie soup w/blue corn chips
  • a smoothie with my green cubes and berries
  • hella baked potatoe wedges 
  • a handful of cashews
  • a bowl of watermelon  ((-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

thequeenholly said:

Where are y'all finding $1 vibrators?!

Sign up for the Wish app using this link
http://wish.com/s/5cLjDp and you’ll get a $10 gift card for free and then when you’re on the app search vibrator or sex toys! So if you find something for $10 it will be free and all you pay is the shipping (shipping is hella cheap)! Btw they don’t just sell sex toys they sell other cool stuff too!

even though we got there hella late we still managed to get second row/barrier. tonight was fuckin amazing i got to get a high five from beau, he climbed on the barrier in front of/next to me multiple times, and while i was on my sisters bf’s shoulders beau looked at me and we sang parts of see you on the outside to each other so yeah tonight was great.

Here sits one hella frustrated slore… 

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