It does seem like Bethesda is going back a bit with the style to Fallout 1 and 2, especially with the skin tight (leather?) vault suit. That makes me really happy, and even more excited for the game. 

oreans asked:

holy shit your blog and yourself are transparent. good luck with that.

How wonderful for me that you felt the urge to bestow such poignant and nuanced criticism. Please let me know if I’ve done anything else that doesn’t pass your blog checklist. I am SO concerned with your opinion and will take everything you say to heart.

Now excuse me while I go on doing exactly what I’ve always done and ignore your existence on this planet.

Have a great day.

Sewn By: dsxero

Acornym inspired of the ss_cp2.

Fanart? Fansewn? I don’t know…..

Mine features:
Cargo Pockets [Right]
Drop Storage Pocket [fits a tablet] [Left]
Adjustable Waist Band

Note: I do not own a ss_cp2. The only thing I do own a J29-S
Sewn: with singer heavy duty 4432
Time: 16-18 hrs start to finish
Fabric: 98% poly 2% elastic
Photo by: mattattaque

Worn with:

Isaora: Tech T Shirt


Y3: Qasa hi Prime Knit SS2015

Knife: The Fox Dart