by rewatching it millionth time


quick colour study off a screencap from potc3

desaturated and black shadows are really not my forte so it was good practice I suppose also woah hey look at my fugly process

So I just rewatched the Rumbelle wedding

(For, you know, like the millionth time) and I just can’t get over how much of a shipper Archie is. Like, just look at that smile!! He is TOTALLY fangirling the entire time. You can see him grinning as they kiss, just as the scene gets cut off and it looks like he’s just internally screaming like “LOOK AT MY OTP GETTING MARRIED THEY’RE SO BEAUTIFUL AND THEY’RE KISSING AND OH MY GOSH I JUST CAN’T.”

Freddie Highmore

I’m rewatching Norma Louise for the millionth time and it really is extraordinary how amazing of an actor Freddie Highmore has become. He went from Peter a tiny yet angry little boy in Finding Neverland (which will be a forever tear jerk-er for me) to this powerfully strong and complex man in Bates Motel. He is showing the viewers just how great of a character Norman Bates is even now after Psycho came out all those years ago. Bravo Freddie, I usually don’t like the main MAIN characters of a show, but Norman and even Norma are the exception. 

countingfaith asked:

So I'm big on the Aria is A theory and I'm rewatching the show (for the millionth time lol) + I just realized that in 2x02 when the girls are supposed to be separated and in the caf, we see Aria typing something out on the top right of her lunch tray. Exactly right after that it shows Spencer, Emily, + Aria receive an A text. Aria picks up her real phone which was closer to her body and at the end of the table. I can't send the screenshot off Ask, but you can see the clip around 10:25 on Netflix

I went and watched the scene. She wasn’t actually typing anything, she was just playing with her finger. If you watch her pick up the phone, it’s at an angel that you can tell there was nothing on the tray where her finger was. Nice eye though!! Way to look out for clues!! Let me know if you find something else!
Kisses xxxx

Things i currently love

time to do the things you guys tagged me in. *-* 

–i was tagged by the lovely Kaz ///smooches you//

  1. songRhiannon by Fleetwood Mac (obviously.)
  2. moviesLord of the Rings (i’m so boring, it’s my all-time fave.) also i rewatched Howl’s moving Castle yesterday (for the millionth time i swear!) which i love a whole lot. 
  3. people – Jared Padalecki, my friends.
  4. foods – rice. i’m about to have some, yayyy. 
  5. people to tag – anyone who wants to do it tbh. 

amandac777 replied to your post “Hey!! I’m re-watching BTVS at the moment, and I just saw your…”

I’m so amused that you think your re-watch is going super-slow. Mine (BtVS + AtS) started around early August. I’m still on mid-season 5 / season 2. I *might* finish in under a year.

Well, it’s just that I’m a serial binge-watcher, even if I’m rewatching a show for the millionth time. I’m used to watching one or two episodes a day, so watching only 1 or 2 episodes a week feels kind of slow to me. In fact, I regretted using the tag “BTVSrewatch2015″ as soon as I started the thing, because I know I’ll finish it in the next century probably, and that tag is gonna haunt me every time I post something. Mocking me every single time. Annoying tag. 

[i’m rewatching friends for the millionth time and there are so many joey comparisons for tony

like in this ep where he’s donating to the sperm bank for money i mean i’m stealing that for my headcanon]

anonymous asked:

that's so weird i'm rewatching gilmore girls right now for like the millionth time and that anon just came up on my dash, weeeeeeiiirrrrddd stuff

shoutout to gilmore girls!!!! I watched a few episodes here and there when I was younger but I’ve finally started from season one

it’s weird cause I didn’t particularly like it when I was younger, I thought it was boring

takarazuki asked:

10, 11, 18, 23, 32, 33, 47? :')

  • 10: Favorite bands?

bands as in actual BANDS with instruments? nell, evanescence, within temptation, nine inch nails, the used, system of a down~

  • 11: Something you miss?

honestly? i miss the external hard drive i broke. it had 700 gb of kpop videos. 

  • 18: Favorite color?

big shocker, green~

  • 23: Ever been in a physical fight?

well, people in school used to push me around, hit me and throw shit at me, but i only fought back once. the biggest damage that was done was my knuckles getting cut up on the zipper of their jacket though lol i’m a wimp

  • 32: Last song you listened to?

listening right now to Mismatch by Shin Bora (it’s so good i could die), before that was Winner - Empty 

  • 33: Last show you watched?

rewatched Friends for the millionth time. thought it’d last me all term but i only have one episode left and a month of school left :c

  • 47: Last song you sang?

ooohh… i sang a lot of karaoke this afternoon after school… i think the last one was VIXX - Eternity


For my birthday last summer, my little brother gave me a copy of the movie Brave. It’s one of my favourite princess movies. The list of reasons I’ve been giving for the past few months includes the fact that people are finally recognizing and beautifully animating curly hair and the story not hinging on a prince saving a princess (in fact, the princes are fairly minor characters in this movie).

But now that I’m rewatching it (for about the millionth time, I must admit), I have found a new reason. And I think this reason might be even better than the curly hair thing.

Yeah, the whole premise of the movie is family values. The daughter and the mother learning about each other and how to respect the other’s needs and wants.

So maybe it takes Merida and Elinor the entire movie to realize how much they truly love each other, but it’s an element of the entire production.

Like, when Elinor first turns into a bear and Merida presses against the wall to get away, screaming that there’s a bear, Elinor throws herself down next to Merida and instantly puts and arm over Merida. To get to her daughter, the bear would have to get through the mother first. I’ve heard my mom’s relentless worries all my life. Good luck, bear.

Then, when Elinor finds out she is the bear and that Merida caused it, she’s understandably angry at Merida. They go on a journey through the woods to find the cottage, they get the message from the witch that the spell will be permanent (cue angry eyes from mom to daughter) and then Merida pours all the vials in and the cauldron starts bubbling. Elinor’s first instinct is to bend over Merida. Even though she’s furious (and who can blame her?), her first thought is to protect her daughter.

Then she starts acting like a bear. She lashes out at Merida and only restrains herself at the last second. The look on her little bear face in that moment is just remorse. Like, how could she ever think about hurting her own daughter.

And it goes on. Then Merida becomes the one protecting Elinor. Then they save the day and all is well, happily ever after, etcetera.

But seriously, that’s what makes this such a good movie. Sure, Merida has some fantastic hair (and is a fantastic person to match). And yeah, she’s all for her freedom without a man (unlike the countless princesses who can only gain their freedom with a man). But the mom. The. Mom. She acts like such a mom. And in spite of her anger at her daughter and their fights and their inability to come to a conclusion about what to do with Merida’s suitors, she loves her daughter more than anything (except, maybe, her husband and sons) and does anything- even facing her husband who wants to kill her in her bear form- to protect her family and make things right.