by monique

i remember the first time we met you said
i was more beautiful in person than i was in my pictures.
and i remember blushing.
and thinking that was a compliment.
or whatever.
and i sat in the passenger seat on cloud nine
letting the september winds kiss my cheeks.
and you put your hand on my thigh
and i remember not minding.
it felt familiar.
like i was being touched by someone i had loved for years.
and that night words spilled in between joints passed.
we smoked for hours before you kissed me.
and i woke up fully aware of what i had done.
feeling adventurous enough to leave my heart
on the nightstand
you made me feel dangerous.
i didn’t even try to look back.
but then you called.
and then you called again.
and then you kept calling.
so i called it love.
i whispered while you were sleep.
and it feels like such a long time ago now.
but sometimes i hope you still look at my pictures
and remember how beautiful
you once thought i was.
—  The Reality Of Social Media by Tiana Monique.

2015 Film Independent Spirit Awards Red Carpet

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