by meera

Do you ever forget to eat something all day, get really hungry and realize that your body still kinda needs fuel to function?

Yeah, that’s happening right now.

He is smiling, can still feel the slide of his glasses across his temples as the brightness of sunlight through cloud cover envelops them, and he slings an arm over her shoulders, dragging her against his side as they walk back to his car. “Well, what do you feel like doing? The world is your oyster, not that we haven’t already eaten them,” and she laughs, wrapping her arm around the small of his back, her fingers a hook through the empty belt loop at his hip.  

They have long since dropped any pretense for their visits which suits him just fine; there are no more surprise parties for his brother to use as reasons to show up on Meera’s doorstep. She was just as eager to fling away the excuses late last month, calling him a couple of weeks after the few days he spent with her in Spokane. Let’s hang out, she told him, and promptly booked a flight he insisted he pitch in for after he told her the next six day span he had off.

anonymous asked:

Are Benjen and Meera the types that you could offer them a million dollars and they still wouldn't step foot inside a chain bookstore. Like will they go out of their way to go across town to the historical district just to hit up the used bookstore that's been there since the town was founded, and owned by the same family that whole time? Cause I can see them absolutely refusing to even look at the 'new from' price on Amazon and purchasing based on the 'quality' rating in the 'used' listing.

I think so yes! Bookstores are an experience to them, as are the books they poke around for. So while they can find best sellers in Barnes & Noble it’s not as much fun as finding an old edition of some book they heard of five years ago. It’s not a snobby hipster thing either, it’s just that going to a chain doesn’t hold as much fun for them. Thanks for the question anon!