"Make the pumpkin go like ‘blegh blegh BLEGH’ "  may still be too high a mark of craft when the knife is bigger than the carver

I am SO SORRY I can’t spend more time drawing Halloween things

honestly I am full of regret, I would love to spend the day goofing around drawing Halloween doodles and chatting with everyone
but I’d also love to spend the day watching horror movies with friends and playing board games and THAT IS GONNA HAPPEN AND IT WILL BE GREAT, so have fun, everyone! 

Quando abro meus olhos, meu primeiro pensamento é você, e durante o dia, meu pensamento é você, e antes de dormir, meu pensamento é você, e quando durmo, sim, sonho com você.
—  aluador

Okay but what if that poncho is a failed sewing attempt that Sakura made years ago (back when she was trying to be super girly) that she’s just had laying around her house for years, and one day Sasuke finds it and after she tells him what it is, he just starts wearing it around because “It’s warm” which we all know is bullshit ‘cause he’s just a sappy dork beneath all that angst.


My outfit of the day ^^ I had fun at school; many people got scared (:

This is what i’ve been waiting for a loong time, and finally I had the chance to dress up like this for school :D 

I got a big skirt and made a cute dress out of it, there are some before and after pics :) I also made the makeup myself ^^