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Is Poldi a bad player? Bc he never plays

bitch did you just ask me if Lukas Josef Podolski is a bad player? I’d sit down right now cause im about to law down the fucking facts. Lukas Podolski is one of my fav players and he has more talent in his pinky finger than i have in my entire body honestly. Okay let’s begin now:


First off let’s just lay down the facts, we can get to my personal opinion later about all this bullshit (cause Wenger is bullshit for wasting Poldi’s time)

Poldi is the 3rd most-capped player in German history with 115 caps. ONE HUNDRED….FIFTEEN….CAPS. AND the joint 5th highest goalscorer IN GERMAN HISTORY WITH 47 GOALS. FOURTY…SEVEN. (js he’s tied with Klinsy…that’s cray, Jurgen is a legend) ALSO my motherfuckin’ pudding cup has the FASTEST GOAL EVER SCORED IN GERMAN NT HISTORY, THE TIME BEING 9 MOTHERFUCKING SECONDS. NINE. SECONDS. (the second fastest international goal in ALL HISTORY, 8.3 seconds being the fastest)

Here’s a question for you anon, should bad players be awarded? No. So why does Podolski have 2 Bundesliga titles, 2 DFB titles and an FA Cup title? OH don’t forget his WORLD CUP TITLE.  Let me add his individual titles including RECIEVING THE WORLD’S FIRST BEST YOUNG PLAYER AWARD (2006), UEFA Euro 2008 Team of the Tournament award and Silver Boot award, AND recieving the highest sports award in Germany TWICE (Silbernes Lorbeerblatt).

Here’s my personal opinion:

Poldi is a fascinating person to watch. He is a left footed player with one of the strongest shots I’ve ever seen (I’m young so don’t get me wrong I haven’t seen everyone) His playing still is relaxed but yet quick when he has the ball for a scoring opportunity. Let’s not forget this man is Germany’s #10 which is usually given to the playmaker of the team. And that’s what Poldi does best; he makes the plays. Personality wise this man is someone I look up too. He is strong hearted and finds the positive in EVERYTHING. No matter if he’s losing, winning, tied, on the bench, injured, WHATEVER, he is the most positive player on the team, both Arsenal and Germany. No Poldi didn’t score for Germany this year (except in the friendly against Armenia) and hasn’t gotten much playing time for Arsenal but in all honesty I think Poldi has just hit a ‘wall’.And what i mean by this is that he doesn’t have his full confidence in himself. It may seem like it with his 100% attitude and his constant smiling but i think he’s on a low right now. I feel like he just wants to prove everyone wrong and come back from this low, but it’s FUCKING HARD TO WHEN YOUR COACH ONLY GIVES YOU 10-15 MINUTES TO DO IT. Wenger needs to believe in Poldi and give him a fucking chance! I know Poldi can impress everyone and go back to being the Lukas AHA Podolski everyone loves! I mean who doesn’t love this hottie?!


you’re lieing to yourself if you don’t AT LEAST think he’s cute





But in all seriousness Lukas Josef Podolski is a FANTASTIC player, but as of right now he’s just hitting his low… In my opinion i think that’s normal when men get older but I definitely believe 200% my pudding cup will be back at it in no time. Wenger and Jogi just need to give him chances! I LOVE YOU LUKAS!!!!!!