ok ! so during the summer, my best friend dave was having his birthday in about a month. i wanted to do something nice for him, so i went to the japanese grocery in town and got him a bento, some chopsticks, and then wrote a nice card. he lived far away, like at least ten states. i had enough money to go ahead and send him the stuff in a box, so i did. i went to the bx which is like a tiny walmart on an airforce base. i ate lunch and was texting him about how excited i was. the post office was right next door, and i walked over after i was finished. i greatly underestimated how much it would cost, and i was a few dollars short. i was honestly so sad bc i couldnt get help from my parents to pay, since he was an internet friend. there had been an airman in there as well when i was told i didnt have enough. i went to sit on the bench right outside, and texted him on how i couldnt afford to send it. the airman came outside and said to me, “hey, do you really want to send that package?” “oh uh yes ma’am” “come with me.” so we go back inside and she says shes going to pay for shipping. i thanked her over and over. the man who had taped my box said to us, “thats really kind of you. go on, dont worry about paying. let me see your package.” so he takes it from me and sends it for free !!! i was honestly so happy i couldnt believe it. those people were such angels my package arrived in a few days and dave loved the gifts. im really thankful for what they did and it reminds me that humanity is really great. so thats my story. hope you liked it its one of my favorites ! <3


that was the sweetest thing ever omgosh :O im so glad everything turned out alright and that there are so many kind people!!