darkwingsnark asked:

I personally always liked the complexity of the Smithers/Burns relationship because there are so many different power dynamics here. Like, there is the age and then there is the whole boss/employee situation. BUT, this is something I thing would be great to help conflict Burns, is the fact Smithers is the child of his friend and how he has seen the boy grow into a man. Smithers has never been his son-like figure, but it still must be confusing to develop feelings for somebody you have seen grown

tbh i don’t know why their (complicated) relationship isn’t addressed more often, there are so many factors that still need explanations and then there are the reasons you talked about…. i think the only thing left is the second side of the dynamic to have a little more clarification. the way things are looking with the sudden plot continuity, it might not be foolish to be hopeful for more development ?

I heard someone say today that they were gonna use Y= MX + B to measure the slope of that ass. But that doesn’t make any sense because the ass isn’t linear. It’s a second degree polynomial curve so it should probably be more like, you know…Y= AX^2 + BX + C . But if they were trying to insult the person then that would make sense. Like, yo, that ass is so flat I can measure it in linear form.