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Happy Moonday!!!! 

Here is a fanvid I made for Teen Wolf. The song is alone Together by Fall Out Boy and it just seems like it could be their pack anthem.

Here is also the link:

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Thanks to @aly_bxo for nominating me! I nominate @pierce_y0ur_sirens @zarinai1 & @samshamaevxd - you have 24 hours to do the challenge and donate $10 or simply donate $100! (And yes, I am wearing a bathing suit)

anonymous said:

HI. What do you think is the best decision you've made in the past year?

Hello :)
I have two decisions that I actually think we’re pretty good decisions I made in the past year.
One, accepting the fact that I moved out here (the states) and not moping around. I used to hate everything when I moved and I didn’t want to go anywhere and talk to anyone and it was honestly very bad. But I realized that it wasn’t too bad and I have met some amazing people and made great friends. I see things differently now out here.
Two, deciding to stay in JROTC program. I am a senior now and last school year was my 3rd year in ROTC and I was thinking about getting out. I decided to stay and see what my new school could teach me what I might not already know. I am now entering my 4th and last year in the program and I am Battalion Executive Officer (BXO). This is a pretty high position in the program and I was very honored to take over. I didn’t think I could get this position given the fact that I was new to the school and didn’t know how their program worked. I am very grateful for this position and I’m glad I decided to stay. :)