Submission: Possibly Cinderella??? :)

So I have finally built the courage to gush about my crush so here I go…
It all started back in my junior year of highschool ( I’m a senior now) and well currently then I just started to gain confidence in myself and changed my look up a bit. Gave myself the whole Cinderella make over if you will ( I changed my lookfor myself and wanted to try something different). And for me it was just a few changes such as got contacts intstead of my glasses and got box braids. But they were enough changes for me to go from the shy quite girl to someone noticeable. And defiantly got notice…. The first time I ever saw my crush I wasn’t feeling him I thought he was one of those football jerks that just wanna hit and quit. But I went to my younger brothers’ play one night and he was there….. And he kept staring at me. ( Now I’ve been stared at before and felt completely creeped out). But I don’t know the way he stared was different and I liked it:). And from then on I saw him everyday…. I would hear him talking to his friends in the hall as I passed and out of the corner of my eye he would say ” I like her…” . ( And for the rest of my day I would feel like hot shit!!). And one day his papers dropped in the hall and I gathered up enough courage to help him pick them up and I was just on cloud nine after that!!! And it didn’t just stop there I found out later that he was nominated to be in a club I was in and he made it in!! I felt like everything was falling in to place. Now in my senior year I have two classes with him but, I’m still to shy to hold a full conversation with him and I think he is too. Because when I did try to talk with him he would reply with a nod instead of speaking to me. And I know he talks a lot when he’s around others but I just don’t know….. And I wish I could get out of being shy around him I just don’t wanna mess up when talking to him. Because for me going from someone who was overlooked to someone who is looked at is all new to me. I’ve never had a real boyfriend nor a kiss….. I feel different about my crush if I ever feel down I always think of when he would stare at me, and felt like I am interesting, I am someone! So I’m just trying to take it day by day and see where this leads…… :)