• B Will

B Will signed to BadAzz Music (lil Boosie label Who’s also on the song) Louisiana native that has a hard southern classic with a deep story to tell. Boosie telling his side of the story also with grimy lyric content but still with a soft touch. B Will has next in this industry that we call Music as long as he stays consistent. 

I don’t want to write about how I lost the one I loved, I don’t care to be sad anymore. I want to write about how happy that person made me, how successful I became with him being in my life, how I finally was able to be myself with someone.

“Endlessly” by The Cab was his symphony; there was no guarantee that what we had would be easy. I know we both worked hard to keep one another part of our lives. He was perfection to me, he was everything I ever wanted. BWill made me want to be so good, for him and myself and my family. If you ever find someone like that, you hold him or her tight. I guess that was my problem, I never let go when he wanted me to, I held tight til the very end.

This isn’t going to be a sad post about how I lost the one I loved, this is about a boy who I fell madly in love with. His smile gave me butterflies, his kiss gave me chills, his cuddles made me want to snuggle closer to him; when we couldn’t be any more close, his voice had me cling to every word, his laugh made me smile, his passion for his work made me want to succeed as much as he has, HE made me melt. I wish I had given him the world, I so thought he deserved it.

He listened, he was honest when it came to advice, and he was stern. He’s hardworking and can be polite (he can be a brat, too, lol). His baby voice was to die for.. Even though it annoyed everyone around us (: he’s so special to me, he always will be.

I wish I could be his friend, but as you can see, I can’t. For these reasons, plus the bad. I wish I could keep him, but I can’t. And for now, that’s a great thing. We eventually made each other miserable, we lost the sight to see all the great qualities we had. He was my best friend and lover, and that mix isn’t always a smart mix. I want to be there for him, and I hope he knows that. I hope he can come to me one day and know I was always there for him.

I always loved you, bubbas.

Mochi8910's Giveaway


Heya guys~! >w<

I recently hit 221 (B) followers and it’s also my one year anniversary on tumblr in a couple of days~! :D I just wanted to say thank you to all you awesome people, and give you guys a little something~~~  Here are the prizes: 

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Once again, here are the prizes~

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Royz revealed new look and new release

Royz revealed new look and new release

 Royz revealed their new look.

Vo. Subaru

 Gt. Kuina

 Ba. Koudai

 Dr. Tomoya

 Royz announced that they will release new 10th single ”Supernova” on 10.12.2014 in 4 types.

Limited edition Type A will include CD ( with 2 songs) and DVD (Supernova music video and making) and will cost 1,800 yen (tax out).

Limited edition Type Bwill include CD ( with 2 songs) and DVD (Supernova multi-angle music…

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Beyond your comprehension

It was because he was shy. He was quiet and introverted and not in the least bit adventurous. For all these reasons, Will had to he his best friend. It was his duty to show Bill the wild side of krill. He had to release him from the boundaries Bill had set for himself. He tried. He really, honest to krill, tried. But in the end Bill was still Bill, and he was still his best friend.

And Will didn’t mind so much that he could be a krill joy.

That he chastised him relentlessly for doing something Bill dubbed as “stupid and dangerous beyond your comprehension.” He liked that Bill worried about him, fretted over him, took care of him when he had one too many glass of krale. They were alike only in species and in the amount of fondness they held for each other in their hearts.

And that was enough.