[Astrid was committed to what she had told Otto she would do and say. The only thing to do was make it known. She hardened up the few places she had let soften over the last few weeks and promptly banished every thought she had about visiting another person for leisure, preoccupying herself instead with something far more urgent. Laundry.

There was enough frozen material outside for her to thoroughly wet the clothes that needed washing the worst, between she and her brother. She crouched low around a particularly sunken piece of road just outside the station and worked, spending most of her down time here, recommitting her focus to essentials only.]


Things that were actually (accidentally) said today because me, Muireann and Emily are dumb I guess
  • Me:Where should we get food?
  • Emily:I don't really care, just anywhere we can get good food for cheap money.
  • -
  • Muireann:Ahahhaa, stupid peoples without umbrellers.
  • Me:Do you have any idea what you just said?
  • Muireann:What?
  • -
  • Me:-sees ad in tesco for red lemonade-
  • Me:Oh my God, no seriously, it's actually called Orange Soda?? The BRAND is Orange Soda, that's amazing!! Who loves orange soda?!?
  • Muireann:Abby that says Orangeade.

reluctantturtles said:

*bwep bwooop* Hello this is the police, you are hereby under arrest for being to gosh dang adorable. Please calmly step into the car where we will escort you to cute court to decide the verdict. You have the right to remain silent, and cute. *bwop bweep*


I know this is really late and I was going to answer this earlier but I didn’t know how to respond 

I’m falsely accused though I’m sure there’s some mistake