Meet Cheekie, Georgia, Kyla & Ray - all a part of the  I Love My Hair print collection. Each print comes in an 11” x 14” digital print on 80 lbs Newsprint White French Paper. Each print is signed and dated and comes with a sticker featuring another one of her proud natural friends.

The emergence of art and movements like this are fantastic, and adorable ways to promote acceptance and pride among young black girls - for far too long there has been a shortage of positive and empowering images for young girls to look up to. We already see the damage caused when young black youth internalize the lack of black representation in child-centered dolls and media. Now is the time to make wave for true representation.

For every Harriet Tubman there are hundreds of thousands of black women who died as slaves. For every Sojourner Truth there are hundreds of thousands who were never able to speak publicly about their experiences.
—  Melissa Harris-Perry on the legacy of the black woman in America. She discusses the fact that black women are mythicized into these hyper-strong, powerful, magical beings that never need help and have the means to fight against all who oppress her. America likes to take a few figures and say “my, look at how strong, mighty and confident black women are!” and completely ignore the ways in which black women are dehumanized and degraded on a daily, institutional basis.