This beautiful piece is a solid 14k yellow gold and synthetic Dark Blue Opal “Pear Harlequin” threadless end from those fantastic folks at Body Vision Los Angeles. This beauty would look so amazing in a nostril, conch or tragus piercing!

Fresh 14k white Gold Feather and Pyramid from @bvla for this Faux Rook Tragus combo! #danchan #professional #bodypiercings #highquality #bodyjewelry #fidelitytattooco #baltimore #maryland #14k #whitegold #feather #fauxrook #piercings #gold #pyramid #tragus #piercing #fahncee #legitpiercings #bvla


I was getting ready to upload a new VCH with a BVLA Miro Modena (photo 1) and I thought it would be fun to look back over the last year of photos and see how many “BVLA ladies” I could find.  Tumblr limits posts to 10 photos so I guess that’s where we’ll stop :)

If you were EVER going to treat yourself to a REALLY special piece of jewelry, I can’t think of a better way to do it.

All piercings by Leo Ziebol. All fancy tops by BVLA. All ti curves by Anatometal

Stop everything you’re doing and look. at. this. The “Kaycee” septum clicker by BVLA: yellow gold rings and beads line up to form a jaw-droppingly exquisite bear hug for your septum. This one here was custom ordered with a straight hinge for our friend Sam and her stretched septum piercing. Thanks BVLA and Sam - we’re floored!