When The Day Comes (Marco Reus) – Preview: The Grand Zurich Plaza

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When The Day Comes: A Marco Reus Fan Fiction

Preview – The Grand Zurich Plaza

Kara Bellevue was the concierge at the Grand Zurich Plaza, a hotel located in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland.

Her desk was largely uneventful because it was the late spring, visitors tended to flock to this particular hotel in the winter, where Switzerland saw most of its action. Tax evasion also happens, but Kara could never comment on that.

“Can you cover for me,” her colleague, Gerhard, asked in a panic. “I think my wife is going to give birth soon!”

Kara assured Gerhard that he must attend to his wife who is about to experience a level of pain that is unexplainable. She covered for him, waiting idly at the front desk for any check-in or concierge-related items.

At 15:20, two people, a man and a woman, walked in carrying their own luggages. 

They were both very well-dressed, the man wore dark pants and a button down shirt, his hair was gelled. The woman wore heels and a dark jacket, nylons underneath a pencil skirt. 

Kara gestured for the bell-boy to help them out, and he did. He took the bags off of them while they approached the front desk. 

The man looked straight at Kara while the woman was on her phone (texting or something), not taking notice to her surroundings. She walked idly in the direction of the front desk, but her eyes were fixated on her screen.

“Jordie?” The man called after her. 

“Huh,” the woman looked up and she realized that she was standing on the counter where there was no attendant. “Oh, whoops.” She slid over and turned to look at Kara.

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