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Questions from peztagram to me:  

1.What was your favourite memory from school and why?   One day before the final school celebration, where my class (2nd grade of Elementary) was planned to do a Charlie CHaplin themed scetch, with dancing e.t.c , me and my dad fell from his motorbike, and i opened my head, and almost died of blood loss, got at least 2o sticthes, but i managed to be okay the next day for the celebration. Everyone of my classmates -who of course knew what had happened in this small island everyone finds out about everything fast- were asking me if i was okay, and hugging me, and we had group hugs, and they were saying that they wouldn’t do the celebration without me and that they were so worried …Even  now i look back at it and i am so happy, to still be with such amazing classmates :)

2. What was your first best friend called? Myrto.

3. Have you met any celebrities, if so who? Many greek ones. Poets, writers and some actors. But um i don’t quite remember them all and you wouldn;t know them anyway xD. Um Olympia Karagiorga is a poetess, I’ve met the greek rap bands Going Through, Professional Sinerz, Nevma and the singer Despina Vandi. But yeah, noone here knows them. 

4. who’s your otp?  Too many ugh. I’d say Dramione, but gosh there are just so many otp’s of mine. 

5.which disney character can you relate the most to and why? Um, Rapunzel. 1. I think she’s my disney look-a-like, and like her i love art,singing and going out in nature, exploring new things, finding adventures, trying to get past the strict mother that wants to control you.  

6. favourite thing about being in a fandom? I can be crazy, cry, have mental breakdowns with other people in the fandom, and they understand, and don’t think i’m a weirdo. Also fandoms stand up and support each other and i just find that so nice.  

7. If you could go back in time would you and why?Of course i would. After all i /am/ a Time Lord. Ugh tough question there…I’d go to Ancient Times here in Greece, in Sparta, and travel through Greece, to see the Golden Ages, and the rising of art e.t.c It is my culture after all, i read about it all this years…lving it would be…fascinating.

8. whats the scariest thing you’ve done? Getting in  a graveyard at midnight. Exploring haunted houses and playing on a piano it had on the top floor. Also i jump over 10 metres high rocks. Yep i don’t know if any of those are considered scary.

9. whats been the most embarrassing thing thats happened to you? So many that i can’t even remember one omg, at night i can think of an embressing thing that happened when i was like 8 *sigh* 

10.  how long do you think your favourite band will last before they eventually split up?   Don’t make me think about it, i’ll cry. Um i’d say they have another 7 years ahead /at least/.  

11. favourite concert you’ve been to? They aren’t a lot anyway  Going Through&Nevma&Thirio&Komis x & Despina Vandi & Nino (3 years ago)

Questions from me to you : 

1. Latest movie you’ve seen?

2. Which is your favourite season and why?

3. Which was your first  fandom here on tumblr?

4. Do you play any sports, if so which?

5. Worst memory of your school years?

6. Which is your favourite disney movie, and why?

7. Do you study Ancient Greek mythology, if so,do you like it?

8. Where did you grow up?

9. Which was the best dream you’ve ever had?

10. Where would you like to go for your perfect holiday and why?

11. What would be the most romantic gift you’d give your partner?