Somewhere Else
by Buzzferkchurnt
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Somewhere Else is a chaotic art zine by Auckland Based illustrator Ben Carroll. The zine has a frenetic energy about it, jumping from drawings of mutant figures screaming/vomiting/dying into darkness/obscurity, to a ‘where’s wally’ of demented faces melting/being pulled off, full of boredom, death, malice and fear. All of the illustrations could work independently as an art piece, but in the zine they have a compound effect adding to the maddening feel of it all.


This review is also published in the New Zealand Zine Review Zine Annual Issue 2

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this amazing person sent me a bunch of amazing prints!!!!! they are godly and ill probably put pictures up later. HOW DOES SOMEONE EVEN THANK THIS SORT OF KINDNESS?
seriously this is amazing thank you dude!<3
please go support him! Buzzferkchurnt

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Some more film developments: this shot of my zines printed and ready to sell at Auckland Zinefest 2013. Speaking of you can now check it online. Got one or two left and open to selling $10 a pop. Message me if interested, check it now.

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