The View

Had such a blast co-hosting The View last Tuesday. It was a total whirlwind but I loved every minute! I took over their Instagram to capture all the behind-the-scenes action - check out some of my favorite moments above. Thanks so much to the amazing hosts.

Top & Skirt: Alice and Olivia

Shoes: Casadei

Ps. I’ll be back co-hosting tomorrow! That’s right, it was so much fun I couldn’t stay away for long. Don’t forget to tune in on Tuesday 11/18 to see it all go down!

Winter Bees

Yang: Awww Blakey, you’re wearing the hat I made you!~

Headcannon: Blake gets extra close to Yang during cold weather. Especially when they go out. Yang just activates her semblance a little bit and Blake feels warmer.

Also, Yang knitted some custom “parts” onto a beanie and gave it to Blake. Cause normal ones were uncomfortable for her.

Enjoy!! :D

(edit:made it a little darker)