For those who likes online shopping :

  • store one (free shipping + 12% off with the discount code “doriimer”)
  • store four (free shipping + 5% off with the discount code “doriimer”)

You guys have to check those stores out ~ Their items are superly duperly lovely and really cheap too. I have found a several cute pieces already waiting in my shopping cart. 

And the Throne of Glass shop is now finally open!

Hi guys! I know you’ve been asking about the ToG shirts, so I talked to Sarah&her agent and I’m proud to present you the Throne of Glass shop, where you can buy different shirts and stuff related to the world of Throne of Glass. This is such a great project and I’m thrilled to participate in it. I’ll be adding links to it everywhere, and I hope you like the designs. If you have any suggestions on more designs or quotes you’d like to see, come to my askbox, please!

I know that the prices aren’t the greatest thing ever, but I’m trying to keep my comission low but also help my parents with my college thing! I hope you enjoy the shirts as much as I did making them! (and if you buy one, take a picture and send it to me, I’d love to see it!!!)

Thank you so much!!!

anonymous said:

hi may I ask, where can I buy collared blouses cheaply? thankyou!

//whispers// I like collar blouses ・:*:・(*/////∇/////*)・:*:・

These store are pretty trustworthy but I would suggest for you to research about them first before making any orders.

anonymous said:

Will you please recommend me some cute online places to shop for shoes/clothing at cheap prices but with good quality? Or no shipping fee worldwide? Thank you.

I would recommend all the shops that are displayed in my bottom left hand corner scroll box~ The majority of the stores have rather cheap shipping. However, the ones that have free shipping (currently on top of my head) are Keutokki (discount code: doriimer), Sweetbox (discount code: sweetbox), Yangfen520 (discount code: daisy), Aiseu (discount code: daisy).