Commissions are OPEN!!! 10$ Headshots 15$ Chibis

I recently got a job for the fall and I am going to start my career. (yay)  I’m going to move pretty far away and I want to draw commissions a lot this summer in order to pay for things in my new apartment, so I can make it into a home.

I’m going to accept only 8 slots for commissions

Flat Chibis are 15$ each

Cell shaded Headshots are 10$ each

Once the slots are filled up, commissions are closed.

For more info, click here!  My email and my commission rules are there.  If you are serious about getting a commission, email me and we can talk details.  After both parties agree, I’ll send you my paypal email and we can get started.  Thank you!!!

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Even though Ubisoft didn’t publish The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, they’re offering undoubtedly the best deal for buying it. Those who purchase The Witcher 3 at Ubisoft’s Uplay retail site will receive four of their games for free including Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, The Crew,Watch Dogs and Child of Light for free.

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For a limited time only! Go to to redeem the buy 1 get 1 free piercing offer. We would love to see you in the studio!

Diamond Heart Studios
Flemington NJ / diamondheartpiercing

Here’s how it works: Submit a valid picture of yourself. Then, head over to our shop and buy one item, you’ll get another of lesser value (and your choice) free! 

1. A valid pic must: meet standard Tumblr size requirements (if we can’t see/post it, not eligible), be you in an outfit, and be the best quality you can get. Only one submission per person.

2. This little deal will end at 11:59 p.m. PACIFIC TIME on Saturday, September 3rd 2011

3. Follow the rules of our shop. First come, first served.

We really love your submitted pics, so allez allez!