FOOD CHEMICALS:  The Marketing Illusion of Orange Juice

Straight from the fruit? Not really. The ads don’t show you the part where this so-called “healthy morning drink” is highly processed, injected with chemical “Flavor Packs”, filled with industrialized chemicals like Calcium Lactate and Ethyl Butyrate, and left in storage for a year.  


"The so-called natural orange juice is flash-pasteurized, then "de-aerated" so that it won’t oxidise, stored in huge tanks, re-aerated, repasteurized, and re-enhanced with "flavor packs" to taste what they think it should have tasted like." -treehugger


Orange Juice…It’s Like Drink Soda for Breakfast


Orange juice is yet another example of how the food industry has convinced consumers that a processed product is somehow better than its original source. It’s like drinking soda pop for breakfast.

Orange juice does not deserve the reputation it enjoys as a healthy drink, nor should it be part of the ‘balanced breakfast’ that we’ve been taught to recognize. Far from being fresh, the so-called “freshly squeezed, not-from-concentrate, homestyle” orange juice that consumers buy in cartons or Tetra-Paks is often more than a year old.

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Video: Diet, Nutrition and Cancer (Organic Super Foods)

Watch Video: http://terraorganica.org/diet-nutrition-and-cancer-organic-super-foods/

Diet, Nutrition and Cancer (Organic Super Foods)


From the book Diet, Nutrition and Cancer published by the Nutritional Research Council of the American Academy of Sciences (1982) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Office of Toxicological Sciences, additional carcinogens in heated foods include: Hydroperoxide, alkoxy, endoperoxides and epoxides from heated meat, eggs, fish and pasteurized milk; Ally aldehyde (acrolein), butyric acid, nitropyrene, nitrobenzene and nitrosamines from heated fats and oils; Methyglyoxal and chlorogenic atractyosides in coffee; Indole, skatole, nitropyrene, ptomatropine, ptomaines, leukomaines, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, cadaverine, muscarine, putecine, nervine, and mercaptins in cheese.

It is no coincidence since 1950 as processed food proliferated that cancer rates in the United States have steadily increased and are now at the highest point in history. The effect from consuming overly cooked food is minimal nutrition. The body is forced to raid its dwindling supply of nutrient reserves and remains hungry for quality nutrients after a typical meal on the SAD diet (Standard American Diet). This leads to further hunger even though the stomach is full. The result is chronic overeating and rampant obesity seen nationwide.


Photo: Represents me still not in control

DAY 3:

Man I really wish I could go to the bathroom :/ I am so uncomfortable. Its amazing how fast my bowel stopped moving after I got off the cascara sagrada and oxyklenz. Literally the next day. Having a colonic may not have helped my cause. Tomorrow is the day, fingers crossed!

I went and bought a hundred pounds worth of supplements to make sure my guts heal properly throughout this treatment. I should have brought them from home in retrospect, the dollar really struggles here!!

I got:






Im hoping they help. I have been getting SO much mucus after i eat in my stomach and throat that I have to clear for like another 20 mins to an hour if its bad. 

Good NEWS!! I got really bad burning in my stomach after dinner tonight. I took my normal amount of Betaine HCl ( about 6 pills) had a little bit of chicken, salad, potatoes, carrots and peas in olive oil and ACV. I think this might mean that my body is producing more of its own bile?! I hope so! I never get this feeling! Stoked :)

I’m going to take a little bit of Oxyklenz tonight,

Christoph Schlingensief (Extracts)

 “over-the-top, disgraceful and cynical”.

“The objective is to find the most direct way of documenting a unique, unrepeatable occurrence, which consequently assumes a theatrical character. Schlingensief’s films are personal statements - not just on the era in which they are set, but, in particular, on the time of their creation.”

 “His angry actions were targeted first and foremost at displays of self-sufficiency, and combined experimental art with opera, video and performances, spoken theatre and subculture, lectures and talk shows in opulent and very frequent tours de force.” 

“In 1993, Berlin anarchists went as far as using butyric acid to destroy copies of his film “Terror 2000” in the Sputnik cinema in the city’s Kreuzberg district because they felt that this grotesque German political tale with its ridiculously exaggerated scenes of sex and violence was “mindless, racist and sexist propaganda”.”

“The phony triumphal messages of everyday life, the numerous masks of contentment and the exhibitionism displayed by the mass media incited him to search for the pain and hurt they conceal.”

“Any conscience easing and the all too simple logic of problem and solution were in Schlingensief’s eyes an indication of mummified thinking and thus, time and time again, prompted him to employ outrageous means to shock his audiences into greater self-awareness.”

Xanax promotes beddy-bye as able-bodied as relaxation


Xanax is a assigned actuality that will advice allay anxiousness. It goes by the all-encompassing cast of Alprazolam. This medication enhances the outcomes of GABA or gamma amino-butyric acerbic which alters or decreases academician corpuscle activity. With this outcome, anyone disturbing with all-overs are calm and fabricated comfortable. Apart from anxiety, it is aswell getting accustomed to barter disturbing with agitation attacks and phobias.

Once used, Xanax promotes beddy-bye as able-bodied as relaxation. It aswell changes abstraction and produces slurred speech. Any getting application it ability accuse of activity beat a lot of of the time and he feels weak. Dry aperture is aswell arresting and aswell approved complains of getting thirsty. Sexual absorption is aswell adapted and this may be accompanying to sleepiness, wooziness and simple fatigability. Usually, Xanax minimizes physique processes.

Severe ancillary furnishings should be acclaimed to the physician because these ability be break that the anesthetic is getting provided above the acceptable abundance or complications are demography place. Serious apathy is not accepted any more. It can advance to blackout if not monitored instantly. Other reportable signs and affection would appear with delusions, irritability, hallucinations, astute beef twitches and seizures. Liver troubles are associated with Xanax use and it should be investigate if applicant develops yellowing of derma and physique secretions.

Dependence on the biologic is aswell a big botheration that occurs with Xanaz use. A getting would admit its development if a ancestors affiliate develops extremes in the side-effects mentioned. The agitation with attraction is its trend to aftermath biologic altruism and aswell overdose. This is the individual acceptable acumen why analysis care to be done anon aloft the actualization of the indications. Xanax annex advice is attainable throughout the USA and several analysis centres now baby to this blazon of biologic dilemma.

Treatment accessories advice in anecdotic what could accept triggered Xanax dependency. A lot of of the time, affecting issues are the antecedent of any annex and this can be accordant to Xanax addiction. Prescription addiction ability be accordant to this aswell because Xanax is a anesthetic that is assigned afterwards all. Once accommodating in a analysis facility, these problems are bound to allay the advance of treatment. The applicant is detoxified from the biologic and counseling and even therapies are done to strengthen the applicant all throughout rehab. Xanax addiction isn’t a antic at all. It can be alarming if not handled promptly. To save the activity of Xanax addict, they charge to forward themselves for analysis in a adjust ability to agreement retrieval from Xanax dependency.

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Scientists Engineer Bacteria To Produce A Renewable Biofuel | IFLScience:

"For the study, the researchers hijacked a pathway used by E. coli to synthesize fatty acids and redirected it towards a synthetic alkane pathway. To do this, they engineered the bacteria to produce three enzymes: a new variant of thioesterase, CAR and aldehyde-deformylating oxygenase (ADO). The first targets a fatty acid called butyric acid and prevents it from entering a pathway that results in its incorporation into membranes. The second converts butyric acid into butyraldehyde, and the third uses this to produce propane."